The One that Got Away”

 “The One that Got Away” by Joe Clifford starts with a terrifying prologue, a girl locked underground, and then moves to “now”  centered around  Alex Salerno, the girl who got away from a killer. Alex tells herself that she has moved on from her traumatic experience, but she really has not. Holes in her memory […]

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“The Adults”

“The Adults” by Caroline Hulse centers around a Christmas vacation that no one will ever forget. A joyful sign welcomed guests to “The Happy Forest Holiday Park! Where relaxation is a force of nature.” The plan was for a nice quiet holiday vacation with extended family, all reasonable adults. What could possibly go wrong? Readers […]

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“Newcomer” by Keigo Higashino, with translation by Giles Murray, is number eight in the Kyoichiro Kaga series, but the book reads as a “stand alone,” and new readers can get up to speed immediately. A woman’s body was found in a Kodenmacho apartment. The person who discovered it was a friend who had dropped by […]

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“Blood Feud”

“Blood Feud” by Mike Lupica reintroduces readers to Sunny Randall, Robert B. Parker’s PI last seen in “Spare Change.” A few things have changed; she moved; she got a new dog, and she is a little older. “Do I look as if I’m getting older?” “This is some kind of trap,” he said. “I’m being […]

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“Wrong Light”

“Wrong Light” by Matt Coyle is part of The Rick Cahill series. Rick Cahill has a past, and the past never stays in the past. Coyle weaves details from previous books into the context of this story so new readers can get up to speed without endless pages of rehashing of old plots. Cahill’s first […]

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“Heads You Win”

“Heads You Win” by Jeffrey Archer is a story of a mother and son who escape oppression and political conflict in Russia and struggle for success in a new land. It is a universal story with an unexpected twist. Alexander Karpenko and his mother Elena are escaping Russia by stowing away on one of two […]

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“Six Four”

“Six Four” by Hideo Yokoyama, translated by Jonathan Lloyd-Davies, is a complex and captivating novel. Readers get vivid picture of the people, the events, the politics, and the balancing act that goes on continually in a police department in Japan. It is a universal story of crime, family, conflict, and duty. Yoshinobu Mikami is not […]

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“Burglars tend to prefer the dark because, while some of us are pretty dumb, there aren’t many of us stupid enough to begin a job by turning on the lights.” “Nighttown” by Timothy Hallinan is the first person narrative by Junior Bender, a person on the “edge” of society, a burglar, actually, but not one […]

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“Reason to Doubt”

“Reason to Doubt” by Nancy Cole Silverman is book five in the “Carol Childs Mystery” series. The main characters continue from previous books, and background information is integrated seamlessly into the current storyline, so it is not necessary to have read the other books to enjoy this one. Carol Childs is a radio reporter in […]

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“A Thousand Doors”

“A Thousand Doors” is an anthology edited by J.T. Ellison , but it is unlike other anthologies one might have read. This one, of course, features stories by renowned suspense and thriller authors, however, “A Thousand Doors” features one woman, Mia, and many tell her story. These prominent authors all add a unique flavor to Mia’s […]

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