“A-List” by D.P. Lyle features an odd assortment of characters who call the Gulf Coast home. Jake Longly is an ex-baseball player who runs Captain Rocky’s Surf and Turf, while his father Ray runs a P. I. firm, Longly Investigations. Jake and his friends travel to New Orleans at the request of a relative when […]

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“The Snowman”

I just saw the motion picture “The Snowman” based on the book by Jo Nesbo, and wanted to read the book. It is number seven in the Harry Hole series, but it is not necessary to have read the previous books to be captivated by this one.  Any needed backstories are included as part of […]

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“Proof of Life”

“Proof of Life” by J. A. Jance is number 23 in the J. P. Beaumont series, but it is not necessary to have read the other books to enjoy this one. Any needed background information is provided as part of the story. “Proof of Life” is a first person narrative by Jonas Piedmont Beaumont, called […]

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“The Wife Between Us”

“The Wife Between Us” by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen appears to be a simple story, one you might have read before, but do not be fooled. The players are familiar, the husband, the ex-wife, the other woman, but these are not ordinary players in a run of the mill divorce, and things are not […]

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“The Whispering Room”

“The Whispering Room” by Dean Koontz, is the second in the “Jane Hawk” series. The action and drama continue from “The Silent Corner,” but it is not necessary to have read the previous book before starting this one. Those who have not read the previous book can jump right in without any problem, however, this […]

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“Poison” by Gait Niederhoffer is a modern thriller with an unusual difference. The typical twists and turns are replaced with issues that are truly frightening and potentially deadly. The Connor family seems perfect in every way, happy wife, perfect husband, beautiful children.  Readers follow them through their wonderful life in a new city, with a […]

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“Artemis” by Andy Weir is set in Artemis, the only city on Earth’s moon. It is pricey to get there, expensive to live there, but rich tourists, eccentric billionaires, and a dedicated working class keep the city running. It is much like its parent Earth with businesses, neighborhoods, stores and museums. However, all is not […]

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“It’s All in the Story”

“It’s All in the Story” is a special collection of twenty-four l short stories written by members of The Southern California Writers Association and edited by D. P. Lyle. The exploits are pure California, the good, the bad, and the incredibly frightening. The book includes stories set from 1812 to current day and highlight California’s […]

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“Y is for Yesterday”

“Y is for Yesterday” by Sue Grafton is number TWENTY-FIVE in the Kinsey Millhone series. Unfortunately, that means that we are near the end of the alphabet and near to the “end” of Kinsey’s journey, (or perhaps not). Much of this narrative concerns the “yesterday” portion of the title, as the book alternates between events […]

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