“Dead if You Don’t”

“Dead if You Don’t” by Peter James is the most recent book featuring Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. Readers new to the series will be able to follow the story immediately; return readers will find all the familiar characters from the previous books and learn a little more about them. The book opens with an ominous […]

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“Hollywood Ending”

“Hollywood Ending” by Kellye Garrett is written as a first person narrative by Dayna Anderson aspiring actor and up-and-coming private investigator. Readers get to know her well in the first few pages. “You’d probably cast me in a group of black friends getting together for a fun vacation movie. I’d play the cute, annoyingly sweet […]

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“The Getaway List”

 “The Getaway List” is the third book in the “Cam & Bricks Job” series by Eric Beetner and Frank Zafiro, but this book certainly stands by itself. I had no trouble following the action even though I have not (yet) read the two previous books. This is a first person narrative from alternating points of […]

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“Hunting Charles Manson”

“Nearly half a century after the murders that made him infamous, Charles Manson is still everywhere, woven into the fabric of our culture” So much material about Charles Mansion has been produced over the past fifty years that the public suffers from information overload. People think they have read, heard, seen everything there is to […]

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“The Quiet Child”

“The Quiet Child” by John Burley is a book filled with non-stop suspense, mystery, suspicion, and surprises. It is difficult to write a review without spoilers because every event is tied to another. In the summer of 1954, the residents of the small town of Cottonwood in California are shaken by the blatant daylight kidnapping […]

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“Numbered Account”

“Numbered Account” is Christopher Reich’s inaugural book. Nick Neumann is a new employee of United Swiss Bank. His job? “Most of our clients are individuals who have numbered accounts with the bank…Now more than ever we have to keep our mouths shut and do as we are told.” Politics could not and did not factor […]

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“The Vanquished”

“The Vanquished” by David Putnam is book four in the Bruno Johnson series. Although it is helpful to have read the previous books, it is not necessary. A new reader can catch up with past happenings through the quick background comments in the context of the storyline. Bruno Johnston is an ex-cop with a troubled background […]

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“Believe Me”

“Believe Me” opens with a prologue that both entices and frightens readers, a foreboding hint of what is to come. Lexington Hotel service workers just hate it when a luxury suite is left a mess. What were these people thinking? Employees have to clean up this mess they left behind, and it is even more […]

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“A Noise Downstairs”

“A Noise Downstairs” by Linwood Barclay begins with an attack. Paul sees his friend Kenneth’s car and fears there is something wrong. Something is wrong, very wrong; Paul spots two bodies, both wrapped in plastic. Then everything goes black. Kenneth was his friend, and Kenneth tried to murder him. Eight Months later, Paul is seeing […]

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“Unloaded 2”

“Unloaded 2” is the second volume of short stories, humorous, horrifying, and all entertaining. Eric Beetner has assembled this collection  with all the crime and suspense mystery readers have come to expect, animals, invalids, neighbors, and magic, however, the tragedy, murder, and mayhem all happen without  guns. The tales are scary, thought provoking, questioning, and […]

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