“The Keepers”

When people ask Mason “Mace” Reid what he does for a living, they just do not understand why he trains dogs to hunt for the dead. Reid trains “human remains detection” dogs for the Chicago Police Department. He also testifies in court, so by necessity, he keeps detailed records of what he sees, what his […]

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“Dog Eat Dog.”

The guy who loves dogs HAS to be innocent, but can Andy prove it? Andy Carpenter and his entire hilarious crew are back in “Dog Eat Dog.” It is familiar territory for regular readers; all the characters are there. They have matured a little, but their personalities have remained the same. Andy is still Andy, […]

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“Unthinkable” explores the concept of cause and effect. Can a butterfly flapping its wings in California start a whirlwind that becomes a tornado in Kansas? Is there a correlation between separate events? One can use statistics to associate events in the past, but how accurately do statistics predict the future? This book presents a series […]

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“Razorblade Tears”

“Razorblade Tears” is the story of two families connected by one tragedy, a black hole that is swallowing every ounce of joy they had ever felt.William “Buddy” Lee Jenkins and Isaac “Ike” Randolph shed tears that feel like razorblades slicing their faces. Their sons are both dead, murdered, executed, and no one is searching for […]

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“The Bone Code”

This is one of the scariest book I have ever read. Why? Read the review to find out. “The Bone Code” is the twentieth novel in the series that inspired the popular TV series “Bones.” New readers will be quickly immersed in the story, and any information needed from previous books is part of the […]

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“Everyday Mojo Songs of Earth”

“Everyday Mojo Songs of Earth” is a collection of new thoughts and reprinted classics by Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa.  Every line paints a vivid and inspiring picture of the world around us. The geography, the people, and the thoughts are diverse and varied. They enable readers to perceive the world as someone else perceives […]

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“A Glimmer of a Clue”

“A Glimmer of a Clue” unfolds in the first person narrative of Courtney Kelly, the owner of “Open Your Imagination,” a shop specializing in fairy garden landscape design in Carmel, California. She is “assisted” in her business by Fiona, a fairy-in-training, who needs to help a human to gain her wings. Fortunately for Fiona, there […]

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“Red Deception”

“Red Deception” is a fast-paced thriller that takes a different look at terrorism. The story is told from the perspective of global hotel industry employees in a challenging and dangerous world who, by necessity, must become experts on international terrorism. They must protect their guests and staff, safeguard tourism, and save the world all at […]

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“Teacher’s Threat”

“Teacher’s Threat” has a cute dog, Rocky, on the cover, so readers know immediately that this will be a fun read. The book is part of the “Mad for Mod Mystery” series featuring fashion and fun, with suspense thrown in for good measure; that is all any new reader needs to know to laugh along. […]

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“The Disappearing Act”

The role of a lifetime if she makes it to the last page “The Disappearing Act” is modern noir fiction. Mia Eliot is a nearly-thirty-year-old actress from Bedfordshire who finds herself in Los Angeles, a city with a glamorous surface but a sleazy underbelly. Each chapter is conveniently labeled much like a daily diary of […]

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