Is Andy’s new client a murderer or just a dog lover?  “Muzzled” is the newest book in David Rosenfelt’s continuing series featuring Andy Carpenter and his assorted friends and dogs. Regular readers will find everything they love about Andy, the gang, (and the dogs) while new readers will easily jump into this offbeat yet compelling […]

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“The Aosawa Murders”

“The Aosawa Murders” by Riku Onda is about a tragic major crime, one that happened more than thirty years prior. The victims were not just those murdered that day, but those who lived through it as well; people were traumatized. A best-selling book had been written eleven years after the crime, but and this is […]

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The Dilemma”

The weight of the lie becomes too heavy to bear. “The Dilemma” by B. A. Paris is the story of Olivia and Adam Harman on the day of Olivia’s birthday, a glorious celebration and a terrible day.  The story is told in first-person narratives, and each chapter notes the time and perspective so readers can […]

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“The Last Flight”

Two women, parallel lives, one problem, many secrets.  “The Last Flight” by Julie Clark is the story of two women, Clair and Eva. They are not crazy or unstable; they are just two women with a shared problem and one huge complication. They have no plans and not nearly enough money, but they are both desperate enough […]

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“The Half Sister”

People go to great lengths to hide secrets. “The Half Sister” is about a family in crises. On the surface, everything seems to be at least satisfactory if not wonderful. Rose has adjusted to life without her late husband Harry; daughter Lauren, husband Simon, and children seem content while daughter Kate and husband Matt are […]

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“Occam’s Razor”

Expect the unexpected all the way through. “Occam’s Razor” by Joe Clifford is filled with paradoxes despite the title that hints that the most logical explanation with the fewest complicated assumptions is probably correct.  Readers follow the story through the perspective of Oscar “Oz” Reyes, former football star sidelined by an injury and now director […]

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“The Voter File”

“The Voter File” is the perfect read for an election year. It blurs the line between fact and fiction, and reads almost like tomorrow’s headlines. Politics is a crazy game, and one never knows what might happen.  Data gathering and analyzing is Tori Justice’s area of expertise, and when she looks at the results of […]

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“Total Olympics”

“Total Olympics” by Jeremy Fuchs contains all the Olympic facts, fun, and fiction that an aficionado could want. It shows the power of friendship and peace that prevailed in the 54 Olympic Games over 122 years when the global community came together to embody the motto of the modern Olympics: “Faster, Higher, Stronger.” “Total Olympics” […]

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“Someone We Know”

“Someone We Know” starts with a frightening scene and a first person narrative that grabs readers’ attention. “I stand above her, breathing heavily, the hammer in my hand dripping blood onto the floor.” Later, Robert Pierce enters the Aylesford police station to report that his wife is missing. Aylesford, a city in New York’s Hudson […]

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“Rigged” by D. P. Lyle is part of the “The Jake Longly” series, but every reader will quickly fall into the rhythm of the narrative, and be captivated by the characters. The greatness of a story hinges on superb characters, plot, and setting, and “Rigged” has all three. The Gulf Coast draws readers in with […]

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