“Gated Prey”

Missing evidence, mother and child, hidden agenda, undercurrent of distrust, Southern California has a plethora of exclusive neighborhoods designed to provide anonymity and security, but a lot goes on behind those security gates. “Gated Prey” is part of the continuing “Eve Ronin” series. Previously Detective Ronin made a few enemies within the Los Angeles County […]

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The murder, the accused, the emotions, the residual “Lemon” is the story of a murder of a young girl, still unsolved after many years but not forgotten. This is not a traditional crime fiction search for the perpetrator; it is the story of those who remain — those accused, traumatized, and transformed by this one […]

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“The Corpse Flower”

A murder, a reporter, a missing suspect, a retaliation “The Corpse Flower” revolves around a murder, either a cold case or a solved case in which the perpetrator escaped. For a reporter, solving this very complicated case would definitely be the next “big” story. The opening scene grabs readers as Anna dreams about killing him, […]

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“The OC”

Power, personal relationships, and the price of celebrity “The OC” by D.P. Lyle is a story of power, personal relationships, and the price of stardom. It is part of the “Jake Longly” series, but everything a new reader needs to know about this unique group of characters is included in the first few paragraphs. The […]

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“The Morning Star”

Something out of control and unpredictable is going on. “The Morning Star” is about people who are alike and yet are very different at the same time. The book is well organized and takes place over two days, each section labeled. Within each day, detailed accounts revolve around the activities of specific well-defined, diverse, and […]

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“The Santa Suit”

Newly divorced Ivy Perkins moves from Atlanta to a small North Carolina without knowing anyone. She purchases the 106-year-old “fixer-upper” Four Roses Farm and sets up housekeeping with exotic chickens, an intelligent dog, and a determined attitude.  Upon moving in, she discards the remnants of her previous life along with miscellaneous items left by the […]

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“A Single Rose”

“A Single Rose” is a poetic journey taken over just a few days by two strangers brought together by a death. Rose received news that Haru, her father, had died. She must take her first trip to Kyo¯to Japan to settle his estate and to learn about the father that she never knew. This journey […]

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“The Necklace”

“The Necklace” is Susan Lentigo’s story from start to finish. The narrative alternates between Lentigo’s current dilemmas and the vicious events from twenty years ago. Lentigo’s daughter was brutally murdered, and that trauma continues to haunt her. She is on her way to witness the execution of the monster who murdered her child.    Lentigo is […]

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“Panic Attack”

“Panic Attack” is book six in the “Daniel Rinaldi” Series, but new readers will be able to easily follow along. There are references to past books both professional and personal, but any information critical to current events is included as part of the narrative. Dr. Daniel Rinaldi is a clinical psychologist; he keeps secrets for […]

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