“Deck the Hounds”

“Deck the Hounds” by David Rosenfelt is not a sappy holiday story with Andy Carpenter listening to carolers and chasing fake Santas; neither are the dogs dressed up in Santa outfits, but it is a cute cover. The book just happens to start out in November. It is Thanksgiving in Patterson New Jersey, and it […]

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“Under My Skin”

“Under My Skin” by Lisa Unger is a psychological thriller told as a first person narrative by Poppy. Her husband was murdered; the killer was never found, and she cannot get past this; she cannot move on. Readers learn a lot about her right from the start. She is troubled, haunted even, and has only […]

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“Mardi Gras Murder”

“Mardi Gras Murder” by Ellen Byron is book four in the Cajun Country Mystery series, but first-time readers will be able to follow along without difficulty. Byron includes any needed background information as part of the current story. A nice list of the “players” is also included to help new and old readers keep track […]

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“Ready Player One”

by  Ernest Cline is the journey of Wade Watts, better known as Parzival, as he navigates life in 2045. I would not usually pick a book in this category, but I was looking for an audio book at the library, and it was available. Despite all the “sci-fi” hype, this is just a wonderful classic adventure […]

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The President Is Missing

“The President Is Missing” a collaboration by Bill Clinton, James Patterson, and David Ellis, is a contemporary political thriller with everything a reader would expect from this powerhouse-writing team.  The first person narrative by the President of the United States is interspersed with other points of view that give a different angle to events and help […]

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“A Spark of Light”

“A Spark of Light” by Jodi Picoult is a powerful novel about people. Put aside the law, the religion, the emotion, the practicality, the righteous indignation, and you are left with people, people in crises, people suffering,  people dying – people. For fifteen-year old Wren McElroy, it was not a good day to die. The […]

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“I’m Your Venus”

“I’m Your Venus” by Diane Vallere is the second intergalactic adventure in the “Sylvia Stryker Space Case” series. It is not necessary to have read the previous book to enjoy this one, but the series is fun and quick to read, so new readers might want to pick up first book as well. The story […]

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“The Wife Before Me”

“The Wife Before Me” by Laura Elliot starts like a nice romantic story. It has a great cover that pulls readers right into the first line. However, sensitive readers should be cautioned that this is not such a nice little loving story. This book is a psychological thriller that contains both emotional and physical spousal […]

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“Bury the Lead”

“Bury the Lead” by Archer Mayor is book twenty-nine in the Joe Gunther series, and the series is as compelling as ever. A new reader can enjoy this book because while the characters are the same, Mayor provides quick background comments within the context of the storyline to fill in anything from the previous books […]

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