“Crime Scene”

“Crime Scene” by Jonathan Kellerman and Jesse Kellerman is a look at police procedure crime thriller written from a different perspective, that of a coroner. Clay Edison has worked in the Alameda County Coroner’s for five years. Clay’s days are filled with the ordinary and the very unordinary.   “Crime Scene” is written as a […]

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“Brooklyn Wars”

“Brooklyn Wars” by Triss Stein is not a book that I would typically choose, but the opportunity to learn about the Brooklyn Navy yard intrigued me, and I was not disappointed. The Brooklyn Navy Yard is one of Brooklyn’s never-ending sagas of land use conflict that pits the demand for development and commerce against the […]

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“Shadow Man”

“Shadow Man” by Alan Drew finds Detective Benjamin Wade in 1982 struggling in both his personal life and in his career. He has moved from the crime-filled world in Los Angeles to the idyllic planned world of Orange County California. The unthinkable has happened, and the citizens of his “safe” Orange County planned community of […]

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Welcome guest reviewer, Ethan

Guest book reviewer and blogger, Ethan, age nine, reviews “I Survived, the Nazi Invasion, 1944” by Lauren Tarshis This is a great book for young readers. With Max, and his little sister, Zena , their every move could lead to  trouble. They reunite with their aunt just as the Nazi’s  take over almost all of […]

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“The Breakdown”

“The Breakdown” by B. A. Paris. The main character, Cass, is haunted by her fear that like her mother, she is suffering from early-onset dementia. She is traumatized on rainy trip home through a deserted highway when she comes upon a “disabled” car. As it turns out, the occupant of the car was murdered. She becomes […]

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“Room for Doubt”

“Room for Doubt” by Nancy Cole Silverman is book five in the Carol Childs Mystery series. It is not necessary to have read the previous books to enjoy this new one. The author drops in background information that is relevant to the current plot, but does not spend pages and pages needlessly summarizing events from […]

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“Two Nights” by Kathy Reichs

“Two Nights” by Kathy Reichs a first person narrative by an ex-cop named Sunday Night (yes, you read that correctly) who is at loose ends. In her words, “My right-hand neighbor thinks I’m crazy, so she brings me cheese.” Her neighbor may be correct. Her two-pronged plan for life is “Need no one. Feel nothing,” […]

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“Paradise Valley” by C. J. Box

“Paradise Valley” by C. J. Box is an intense story following Cassie Dewell as she continues her search for the deviant long-haul trucker she first encountered in “The Highway.”  It is not necessary to have read the two previous books in this series to grasp this one. This story begins about four years after “The […]

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