“Need to Know”

“Need To Know” by Karen Cleveland is a spy thriller distinct from most others. It opens similarly enough: “a flash drive, the little rectangle, nondescript. So small, but with so much power. POWER.” But then … the unthinkable… What does a “sleeper cell spy chaser” do when the spy is someone she knows; not even […]

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“The Bomb Maker”

“The Bomb Maker” by Thomas Perry brings readers into the shady world of a lawless bomb maker on a mission of destruction for money in Los Angeles. The story of this dark world is told in an interesting third person narrative so readers see the risky and dangerous events from all angles. Perry provides backstories […]

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“The Firemaker”

“The Firemaker” is part of Peter May’s series set in China. I have read and loved his books set in Scotland, but somehow had not read any of the China series. May tells a great story, and I loved this one, as well. I enjoyed reading a mystery in the midst of the complex and […]

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“Two Girls Down”

“Two Girls Down” by Louisa Luna starts with bang. Jamie Brandt is not a bad mother, but perhaps not the best either.  She struggles with everyday life; stress and anxiety reign supreme.  She has trouble coping with anything and everything. She takes her two daughters shopping; letting them stay in the car and play does […]

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“Vindication” is book eleven in H. Terrell Griffin’s Matt Royal Mystery series. It is not necessary to have read any of the previous books to enjoy this one. This is the first book I have read in the series, and I did not realize there was a series until I finished the book and wanted […]

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“Robicheaux” is number twenty-one in James Lee Burke’s “Robicheaux” series, but it can be read as a “stand alone.” I am a new reader, but it took only a little time to become familiar with all the characters; Burke fills in any needed background as the story goes along. Dave Robicheaux is a Louisiana police […]

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“An Aegean April”

“An Aegean April” by Jeffrey Siger is number nine in the Andreas Kaldis series, but do not worry if you have not read all of the earlier ones, you will be able follow along with life in the Greek Isles without any difficulty. This is a compelling Greek police procedure set within the current refugee […]

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The Wanted

“The Wanted” by Robert Crais is number seventeen in his “Elvis Cole” series. Even though Elvis and Joe continue from previous books, new readers can jump right into this book without any problem. Devon Connor hires private investigator Elvis Cole to find out how her “troubled” son is getting so much cash and expensive clothes. […]

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“Closer Than You know”

“Closer Than You Know” by Brad Parks follows people through their everyday lives in tranquil Shenandoah Valley. Everything appears to be serene; a childless family registers with Social Services to become a foster family. Melanie Barrick and her college student husband her work hard to support themselves and to make a home for their infant […]

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“A-List” by D.P. Lyle features an odd assortment of characters who call the Gulf Coast home. Jake Longly is an ex-baseball player who runs Captain Rocky’s Surf and Turf, while his father Ray runs a P. I. firm, Longly Investigations. Jake and his friends travel to New Orleans at the request of a relative when […]

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