“Where the Truth Lies”

Readers of “Where the Truth Lies” intuitively suspect what happens without it explicitly being said, however, that perception is not always accurate. The narrative also hints that everyone in this small town knows what others do not; that is absolutely not correct. Abigail Blake, seventeen, went to a party. Emma Alvarez left her there; Abigail […]

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“Closing Costs”

“Closing Costs” is about buying a home, well that and a lot more. Evan and Nelle, a couple of “rockabilly hipsters” find their “Dream Home.” The narrative travels back and forth in time, both before and after the closing, with chapters identifying the time frame and the point of view. It turns out that several […]

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“A Good Day for Chardonnay”

Sheriff Sunshine Vicram welcomes readers in a first person narrative as  she  stares into her coffee cup as if it were a witch’s cauldron, revealing all the ways she could kill her parents; their deaths would be slow and painful, much like the date they had  “arranged” for her. They could not help it of […]

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“Steel Fear”

“Steel Fear” has nary a car chase, but is a nail-biting thriller none the less; there is increasing tension and mystery on every page. There are three distinct and compelling characters, Monica Halsey helicopter pilot, Chief Finn, a SEAL on special assignment, and aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln with its 6000 souls. The atmosphere of […]

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City Problems”

Big-city trauma comes to small-town Ohio Ed Runyon is the sheriff in small-town rural Ohio. He moved there to escape a traumatic past and is happy to just calmly and dispassionately break up weekend bar fights. The narrative continues in his first person conversations. He talks directly to readers in a professional, matter-of-fact cadence. He […]

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The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives”

“The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives” opens with questions but no answers, perceptions but no meaning; soon, everything will fall into place. The narrative is carefully planned, and events evolve slowly and deceptively. Just when a reader thinks things are moving in one way, they take a shocking turn. I will not reveal those details […]

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“No Witness”

DACA, ICE, wine, and murder in Oregon “No Witness” is part of the “Cal Claxton” mystery series, but anything that new readers need to know is included in the current narrative. Cal Claxton and Archie, his Australian shepherd, live in the heart of scenic Oregon, beautiful country framed by the Coast Range and the Cascades. […]

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“The Turnout”

Ballet — The good, the bad, the creepy, and “The Nutcracker” “The Turnout” is, of course, about ballet; readers are plunged into that fairy tale world with dancers working and instructors patiently training. These are the stars of the future, but no matter their eventual careers, all these children will always be dancers, and they […]

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“The Last Mrs. Parrish”

“The Last Mrs. Parrish” is the same story told by two different people. The book is divided into three sections. Events in each of the first two sections are told by one of the two major players; the actions are the same but the perception and interpretation are very different. Events in the last section […]

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