“The Alaskan Blonde”

A true-crime story with a thriller twist  “The Alaskan Blonde: Sex, Secrets, and the Hollywood Story that Shocked America,” unfolds with all the nail-biting suspense and secretive plot of a thriller. All the elements are there —  the classic femme fatale with a secret past, the brutal murder of her husband, conflicting stories,  contradictory evidence, […]

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“The Therapist”

The title is the key to unlocking secrets in “The Therapist” by B.A. Paris. The book opens in the “past” with unidentified participants in a short present-tense therapy session. These first person accounts appear periodically throughout the story, providing insights, posing questions, and hiding answers. Alice and Leo have just moved into a new home […]

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“Watergate: A New History”

Watergate – what does it all mean? “Watergate: A New History” takes an in-depth look at an event that changed politics. Today, most people know about “Watergate” from films and television. What people “think” happened is sometimes very far different from what actually did happen.  Even those who remember events from fifty years ago do […]

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“The Chase”

The hunters and the hunted, the friend and the foe, all are running for their lives. “The Chase” starts with an event that citizens who live near the Pronghorn Correctional Facility constantly fear – a prison break, and this one is worse than they could ever imagine. Inmates in every cellblock rush toward the front […]

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“Finding Grace”

People, relationships, perspectives, secrets “Finding Grace” is the story of three women Grace, Louise, and Melanie. The story opens with an event filled with apprehension and mystery. Grace is found on the George Washington Bridge, disoriented and troubled. Authorities call a number from her phonebook, her long estranged daughter, Louise. And then there is Melanie, […]

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“Under Lock & Skeleton Key”

Is it a crime or an ingenious illusion? “Under Lock & Skeleton Key” is the first in the new “Secret Staircase Mystery” series. Tempest Raj is a magician, a female working in a profession dominated by men. Her parents, long retired from their own careers, run a company that specializes in building “hidden rooms,” for […]

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“The Secrets We Share”

Secrets from the past complicate everything. “The Secrets We Share” is the story of two sisters, so different and yet so much alike. Sisters do not have secrets from each other … do they? Natalie is a police officer; it is her job to know everyone and everything. Glenn has a book about to be […]

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“The Golden Couple”

Sometimes picture-perfect lives are just NOT! “The Golden Couple” is about a lie, a simple lie at first, but things do not stop. Sometimes people do not get to write their own stories. Sometimes flowers or a note or just something ordinary turns out to be suspicious. Sometimes every single person is hiding something. Avery […]

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“The Darkest Place”

Accountability, ownership, surrogacy, murder There is something strange and terrible in Profit Oregon where Robin Lockwood is a high-profile attorney. In addition to her lucrative private practice, Lockwood also takes court-appointed assignments because she believes that everyone is entitled to a good attorney; even the most despicable defendants need good representation. An unimaginable personal loss […]

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“The Last Midnight”

“The Last Midnight” is described as a “paranormal romance” but it is not a typical ghost story; it is the touching story of two lost souls, Emily Dunkel and rock star Dixon Day, who find each other for a brief moment in time. Emily is a teen who met an untimely death, and her soul […]

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