“Elevator Pitch”

“Elevator Pitch” by Linwood Barclay opens with Stuart Bland preparing to pitch his script “Clock Man” to Sherry D’Agostino of Cromwell Entertainment, but the elevator they are riding in does not stop, and then the elevator is in free fall, until it hits bottom. The scene immediately shifts to city hall where Mayor Richard Wilson […]

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“Land of Wolves”

“Land of Wolves” By Craig Johnson is book fifteen in “The Longmire” Series. Craig Johnson is a storyteller with few equals and presents a current-day plot that is reminiscent of the timeless musical “Oklahoma” where the sheepherders and the cattlemen are just not friends; throw in a rogue wolf and everyone becomes an enemy. Regular […]

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“29 Seconds”

“29 Seconds” opens with a dilemma; Sarah has to provide a name, and if she does, there is no going back. It is a deal with the Devil that immediately drives readers to desperately turn pages. Sarah works at a university with an abusive lecherous pervert, and women are just the collateral damage. He is […]

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“The House on Hallowed Ground”

“The House on Hallowed Ground” by Nancy Cole Silverman opens with a first person narrative by Misty Dawn, Hollywood’s Psychic to the Stars. She has a clientele that includes the “Who’s Who of Hollywood,” and she is a respected consultant to the FBI on major crimes. She lives in a nice, quiet little house, but […]

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“The Long Call”

“The Long Call” by Ann Cleeves introduces Matthew Venn of the Devon Police and his husband Jonathan. A body has been found on the English seacoast beach at Crow Point, and Venn is called to investigate. This is not only the story of a crime, but also of Venn, the police officer who must solve it.  Cleeves unveils the story […]

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“The Fifth Column”

“The Fifth Column” by Andrew Gross is a story of domestic terrorism, sleeper cells, and political complications as current as the evening news tonight, but this drama is set in WWII. The “Home Front” during WWII, is not peaceful and quiet with patriotic souls doing their best to support the war effort. The situation in […]

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“The Murder List”

“The Murder List” by Hank Phillippi Ryan is a chilling story about how quickly a life is changed, and how quickly freedom is lost. The tale begins in a first-person present narrative by Rachel North, a recent graduate from Harvard Law School; she knows the rules and knows that following the rules is the way […]

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“The Last Widow”

“The Last Widow” by Karen Slaughter is graphic, terrifying, and redemptive, and thus not for sensitive readers. It is part of the “Will Trent” Series, but new readers will immediately become immersed in the story. This book is about hate and the people who make hate a commodity. Sara Linton’s husband had died in the […]

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“The Chain”

“The Chain” by Adrian McKinty is about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. This kind of thing does not happen in civilized, safe Massachusetts, and yet there they all are, involved in the complex entanglement that is “The Chain.” The events are non-stop, and each chapter identifies the time to emphasize the frantic pace.  A thirteen-year-old […]

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“TH1RT3EN” By Steve Cavanagh is a mystery that starts on the cover. The title is not the number thirteen, but a cryptic representation of that number, suggesting a password, a code, or a hidden meaning, and readers soon find out that this is exactly what it is. The book opens with Joshua Kane sitting, waiting, […]

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