“Her Perfect Life”

“Her Perfect Life” is a story of guilt, fame, revenge, sisters, and a trail. Every single thing characters do, every single decision they make opens one door but closes others. Lily lives the perfect life. She has a daughter Rowen, now in the first grade. She had a sister, Cassie, who was “lost, and Lily […]

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 “When All Light Fails”

A complicated case involving DNA and paternity  “When All Light Fails” is book five in the “Ryan DeMarco Mystery” series. I had not read previous books, and past events are mentioned in the current narrative. I was able to follow along with minimal difficulty, but I am sure regular readers will easily plunge into the […]

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“The Family Plot”

“The Family Plot” is about the Lighthouse family, an unusual household, perhaps a little creepy, and certainly dysfunctional by typical standards. Their story unfolds from the perspective of Dahlia, named after the Black Dahlia. In fact, all the children are named after murder victims. Mrs. Lighthouse’s parents were murdered by home invaders, and the gun […]

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“Gone for Good”

“Gone for Good” is about a group of amateur sleuths who try to solve old murder cases. They call themselves “The Grave Diggers,” and are ordinary people from various walks of life who chat online, search archives, visit crime scenes, and accumulate notes in an attempt to find what others have missed. The group is […]

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“Unholy Murder”

“Unholy Murder” is book seven in the “Young Tennison” series, but each case is separate. There is a nice balance between the events, the police procedures, and the people who are doing the investigations. Readers get to know the characters, their personalities, their quirks as well as follow a compelling investigation to find out “whodunit.” […]

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“You Can Run”

“You Can Run” is about spies, counter spies, spies spying on each other until it is hard to know just who is working for whom. But more than that, why are they doing this?  The story begins in a first person present tense narrative by Jill who pulls readers into the events; she makes everything […]

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“The Last Mona Lisa”

The Mona Lisa melts into fiction, back to truth, or perhaps not back to the truth “The Last Mona Lisa” is based on the life of Vincent Peruggia who stole Leonardo’s Mona Lisa from The Louvre on August 21, 1911.  I know the story; I have read numerous accounts, and I have watched documentary reenactments. […]

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“The Darkness Knows”

“The Darkness Knows” is the story of a cold murder case, really old and really cold, in fact, frozen in a glacier. A tour guide is escorting a group on an Iceland glacier tour. People come to Iceland for the landscape, the pure air and the peace and quiet, not for frozen corpses on glaciers. […]

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“Shallow Waters”

“Shallow Waters” is an unpretentious account, a mix of fantasy and historical fiction. It is the tale of imaginary beings, but also a story with a complex message.  Yemaya is a Mer  being, mermaid if you will, and she  tells her story in a first person present tense narrative as she journeys through time. It […]

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“Where the Truth Lies”

Readers of “Where the Truth Lies” intuitively suspect what happens without it explicitly being said, however, that perception is not always accurate. The narrative also hints that everyone in this small town knows what others do not; that is absolutely not correct. Abigail Blake, seventeen, went to a party. Emma Alvarez left her there; Abigail […]

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