“The Wedding Guest”

“The Wedding Guest” by Jonathan Kellerman is number thirty-four in the Alex Delaware series, but that should not discourage new readers. Even though I have read several other novels by Kellerman, I missed the Alex Delaware series; however, I had no trouble following along. The book is structured as Delaware’s first person narrative, so it […]

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 “Murder-a-Go-Go’s” is a group of diverse, quick-to-read stories inspired by the music of the iconic eighties rock band “The Go Go’s.” Top mystery authors took inspiration from classic songs by the Go Go’s and wrote enthralling and shadowy stories with unusual twists. “Good for Gone” by Jen Conley starts with a wife standing over her […]

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“The Winner’s Circle”

“The Winners Circle” by PJ Colander is book three in the “Faith, Family, Frenzy” series. Fran, Bonnie, and Jackie, familiar characters from the first two books, are still laughing it up on each page, and new readers will laugh right along with them. Any needed background information is incorporated in the natural narrative of this […]

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“Out of the Dark”

“Out of the Dark” is part of the “Orphan X” series, but it starts with a flash back that introduces Evan and details the relationship between Evan Smoak, Orphan X, and Jack. This gives new readers any needed background and adds new insight for fans of the series. Evan had no idea why his first […]

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“All the Way Down”

“All The Way Down” by Eric Beetner features Dale Burnett, a police officer on the take, with both professional and personal life falling apart. As he rides the elevator up the office of the chief of police, he is sure that they know everything and that he is on his way to jail, and he […]

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“Absolute Proof”

“Absolute Proof” by Peter James is an ingeniously book that combines religion and investigative reporting. The book begins with two seemingly unrelated and perhaps unimportant segments, but do not be deceived, both will prove to be very significant. Investigative reporter Ross Hunter gets a call that will change his life. Dr. Harry claims that he […]

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“Judgment” by Joseph Finder poses the question “How much will a mother, wife, judge, do to protect her family?” It is a story rich in complexity and moral challenges. Judge Juliana Brody is Chicago on a business trip when she meets Matías Sanchez. It was just one night, but a night that will change everything […]

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“The Intern”

“The Intern” by Gregg Hurwitz is a very short story featuring Orphan X. Readers get a glimpse of “The Nowhere Man” at work through an incident from the past. Hurwitz sets the stage with anticipation and perhaps dread. “According to the reports, a lot of people had died there.” His reputation is legend; his existence, […]

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“The Perfect liar”

The first clue to the plot of “The Perfect Liar” by Thomas Christopher Greene is in the titles of the chapters. We begin with “The first note” and go on from there. Susannah finds that first note, written in block letters, on the door “I know who you are.” Greene gives readers an idyllic picture […]

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“The Burglar”

Elle Stowell is someone that readers should not like; after all, she steals things, expensive things, and personal things. She is a burglar. Perry positions readers alongside Elle as she climbs, hunts, and takes. Readers sense the tension, the excitement, the fear, the anxiety, and finally the relief. One of the difficulties with being a […]

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