“The Mykonos Mob”

“The Mykonos Mob” by Jeffrey Siger is book ten in the “Inspector Andreas Kaldis” mystery series. The main characters continue from previous books, and those who have not read the previous books can jump right in without any problem. Each character is briefly introduced, and previous events and relationships fold easily into current scenarios to […]

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“I Found You”

“Alice Lake lives in a house by the sea.” Thus begins Alice’s adventure in “I found You” by Lisa Jewell. Alice has three kids and three dogs and lives in a three-hundred year-old house. Things are physically and grammatically synergetic in the tiny room in the tiny house. She makes silly money for a single […]

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“The A List”

“The A List” by J A. Jance is book fourteen in the series featuring Ali Reynolds. Regular readers will appreciate the reconnection with Reynolds’ past, and new readers will easily follow along because all the needed information is included in the context of the narrative. The book opens with a chilling prologue; prisoner 74506, sentenced […]

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“The Last Second”

There is danger in a private space program.  “The Last Second” by Catherine Coulter and J T Ellison is book six in the “Brit in the FBI” series. Regular readers will enjoy this intricate plot as the future and the past intertwine, and new readers will be able to follow along because most  needed information […]

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“Red Hotel”

“Red Hotel” by Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller sets the stage right from the startling cover which features a silhouetted figure gazing down, a helicopter hovering in the distance, and a cracked window, all bathed in ominous red. Readers are immediately drawn into the action as Dan Reilly, Senior Vice President of Kensington Royal Hotel […]

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“Drowned Under”

“Drowned Under” by Wendall Thomas is the second in the “Cyd Redondo Mystery” series. New readers will find that Cyd shares all the needed background information right as she goes along. Things always begin with her introduction “Hello. Cyd Redondo, Redondo Travel.” Cyd’s first person narrative begins in December when ex-husband, Barry Manzoni asks her […]

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“My Friend Marilyn”

“My Friend Marilyn” by Christopher Lentz mixes old Hollywood glamor with romantic suspense. The book is set in the fall on 1958 and the Hotel del Coronado during the on-location shooting of the film “Some Like It Hot” starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemon. Fact, fiction, and legend combine to make a captivating […]

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“Mercy River”

“Mercy River” is book four in Glen Erik Hamilton’s “Van Shaw” series. New readers will easily follow along because Hamilton includes any needed background as part of the current scenario. The story is presented as a first-person narrative by Donovan Shaw, former Ranger, former husband, and always friend. Readers learn about Shaw through his actions […]

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“Desert Redemption”

“Desert Redemption” by Betty Webb is the tenth and final installment in the “Lena Jones Mystery” series. Regular readers will anxiously read for the wrap up of several backstories. New readers should not be discouraged; “Desert Redemption” can be enjoyed on its own, and Webb has included all the background information necessary to follow along with […]

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