Complications and obstacles with every turn of the page  

“Disappeared” is an international mystery filled with surprises and suspense. The story unfolds in Julie Welch’s first-person present tense narrative. “Fay’s not back yet. It’s late, and I’m hungry.” Readers find themselves right in the middle of the events, the good and bad, the curious and the frightful. Readers share every step, every misstep, every doubt, and every fear in real time right with Julie. Every cell call that does not go through and every cell service dead zone makes the drama personal.  Julie is tense and insecure. She constantly talks to herself so readers know her angst and feel the ice water that surges through her veins.  

Julie and Kay are on a vacation, and at the time, Morocco seemed like the perfect place for an exotic girls’ getaway. Now Fay is missing, she said was running an errand for her husband; she left and took her overnight things with her. Julie has is a great view of the Atlas Mountains, but that’s all. She is practically penniless in the middle of nowhere, a foreigner lacking a SIM card. She wanted a nice relaxing vacation, but she got something else instead.  

Events take place over just a few days so with every turn of the page, some new complication appears, some snag develops in the plan, some layer of terror and danger is added, and some surprising revelation is discovered. Secrets abound, and nothing is what it appears to be on the surface. Details are revealed, and the past comes crashing into the present. The chain of events seems complicated and diverse, but in the end, the reason is simple. 

I received a review copy of “Disappeared” from Bonnar Spring, Oceanview Publishing, and Independent Publishers Group. “Disappeared” has a great sense of place. Parking spaces may be tight, but at least when you need a getaway car, one is right there.  

“Disappeared” by Bonnar Spring is now available in print and as an e-book, from independent bookstores, online booksellers, retail stores, public libraries and anywhere you get your books.