My Wife Is Missing”

People cannot outrun guilt, and secrets do not stay hidden forever.

“My Wife Is Missing” has a pervasive atmosphere of the unknown; things are unstated but suspected.  There is the illusion of danger where there may or may not be danger and the impression of truth where there may or may not be truth. There is suspicion, a lot to be suspicious about, but a question hangs in the air — “Is it real or imagined?”

Michael Hart, his wife Natalie, daughter Addison, ten, and son Bryce, six, are staying in a hotel in Times Square. He returns to the hotel and finds the room empty; his wife and children are gone. Michael is frantic; he calls the police; he demands access to the hotel’s security cameras. He does admit that lately his wife has managed on only a few hours of sleep and has suffered from problems as a result, but he is positive that she would not have just “left” with the children, especially without Bryce’s teddy bear. What he absolutely will not share with police is that there is a reason, a very good reason why she left.

The drama unfolds in Michael’s narrative now, Natalie’s account now, and Natalie’s story before she disappeared. Natalie was desperate; there was that note. She correlated her escalating sleep issues with her increasing questions about Michael’s fidelity; she had to get away. She researched and planned, however, she found that it was not easy to get a fake ID and just disappear. Still, she could not go on after what she found; Michael would come looking for them, and he wouldn’t stop until they were found. She was doing this for the kids. But just when things seem to be settled, they are far from over.

“My Wife Is Missing” is filled with secrets and guilt. People cannot outrun guilt, and people eventually tell secrets. People crack likes eggs, and every rotten little secret comes out. I received a review copy of “My Wife Is Missing” from D.J. Palmer and St. Martin’s Press. It is like a 5000 piece puzzle with unconnected, random pieces. It seems impossible to assemble, but after the first few pieces connect, the rest of the picture comes into view.

“My Wife Is Missing” is now available in print, as an e-book, and on audio from independent bookstores, online booksellers, retail stores, public libraries and anywhere you get your books.