Sock Monkey is a bad wammerjammer. A deep soul. He will love the man forever.
Death is a part of life. Death is a virus that does not need email.
The man sees death.  His job. He is police. A Diver. A wetsuit.
Retrieves the dead. Then he retrieves.

He sees her. The first time in years. Beaten. Soaked. Down by the river. Dead.
Not as he remembered her. Smart girl. Fun girl. His love. His life. 
His mission. His work. Search. Focus.
Hey ho let’s go.

He is obsessed with finding her killer. He is the police. But the police are too slow.
The killing is stupid, but the killer is not so stupid.
Where he goes I’ll follow. I will follow him.
You never can win with.

Tiny flaps of butterfly wings causing hurricanes of pain to rage through lives.

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