“I’ll Be You”

Ellie (Eleanor) and Samantha (Sam) were identical twins. People looked at them — a lot — just because they were twins. Whether the result of environment or circumstances, each had her own personality; yet as twins, they were never one; one was the other and the other was the first.  They were an important commodity, and soon the Logan twins were cast as the star/stars of a TV series, two girls playing one part as if to mirror their own existence. Unfortunately, twins, while valuable as children, stop being appealing as grown-ups.

“I’ll Be You” is told in a first-person narrative by Sam. She shares her present and her past with readers, going back and forth in time. Sam shares the hang-ups, problems, and general annoyances thrust upon her by society simply because of the unique quality of her birth. She is thirty-two years old, sleeps on a futon, and is still crawling her way back after losing most everything. She still has her looks, some interesting tattoos, a generous AA sponsor, and employment at a trendy café popular on social media. Sam finds that her twin Ellie is getting a divorce and is incommunicado. Their parents are taking care of Charlotte. Who??  Charlotte is Sam’ niece, two years old, adopted by Ellie. It would be easy to leave the problem of Charlotte for her parents to solve, but Sam cannot abandon her sister. Ellie has gone to an exclusive retreat spa in Ojai, GenFem, but this turns out to be much more than just a week at an expensive women’s resort.  There are problems with GenFem, very big problems, and her sister is in the middle of them.

The story unfolds at a leisure pace with lots of little clues sprinkled throughout the narrative like the crumbs in a fairy tale; they lead down a path, but the path does not go where Sam thought it would take her.  The story grows in intensity, and Sam discovers the unthinkable. She has to decide what to do next, and that is a decision that changes everything and everyone.

I received a review copy of “I’ll Be You” from Janelle Brown and Random House Publishing Group. It is about family dynamics, complex moral challenges, control, and two individuals inseparably bonded from birth. “I’ll Be You” is now available in print, as an e-book, and on audio from independent bookstores, online booksellers, retail stores, public libraries and anywhere you get your books.