“Hello Goodbye Hello”

A perfect circle of social connection.

“Hello Goodbye Hello” is a journey of social connections, one person meeting another person who encounters yet another, meeting, connecting, and circling back to the first person. The book chronicles 101 people meeting 101 other people, one person at a time, and each meeting is described in 101 words, a “six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon” with real people. The book is quick to read, and filled with interesting, funny, and thought-provoking meetings.  Some encounters are well known; others are unfamiliar, but all are well documented, and the extensive source material is listed in the bibliography.

The people are diverse, yet connected. Music lovers find Peggy Lee who met Richard Nixon who met Elvis Presley who met Paul McCartney. Literary fans discover J.D. Salinger who met Ernest Hemmingway who met Ford Madox Ford who met Oscar Wild. Royal watchers find that Jackie Kennedy met HM Queen Elizabeth II who met The Duke of Windsor who met Elizabeth Taylor who met James Dean. Others might be surprised to find that Frank Lloyd Wright met Marilyn Monroe who met Nikita Khrushchev.

Readers can start anywhere in the book and eventually circle back to the starting person. Start with the first page, the last, or somewhere in the middle of the book; it makes no difference. The encounters eventually return to where the reader started, to the first person, in a perfect circle of social connection.

As we recover from “Covid Isolation” “Hello Goodbye Hello” by Craig reinforces the importance of making personal connections.

“Hello Goodbye Hello”  By Craig Brown is available in print or as an eBook from independent bookstores, online booksellers, retail stores, public libraries, and anywhere books are sold.