“The Homewreckers”

“The Homewreckers” is an entertaining mash up of reality TV desperate for new content, and a young woman struggling trying to make it in the cut throat world of flipping houses. Hattie Kavanaugh and her crew are good at what they do, renovating historic houses in Savannah, Georgia, making them current and modern without sacrificing their character.

Unfortunately, not every renovation is a financial success. Kavanaugh finds herself in the middle of an economic crunch that could mean the end of her dream and of her construction company. An opportunity arises that could be the answer to all her economic woes. A reality-show production company, desperate for new content, arrives in Savannah.  Kavanaugh provides everything they are looking for – a woman with a dream and an interesting past, in an historic city with a beach house in need of major renovation; the show is sure to be a hit. Of course, bothersome complications and unexpected “things” show up that threaten to take down everyone and everything.

Andrews created a complex cast of characters — the good, the bad, and the in-between. They drive the plot from start to finish. Readers meet the dedicated home remodeling specialist, her talented and dedicated crew, the smart TV show scout, a temperamental celebrity designer, and an erratic TV executive; all have complicated backstories and even more complicated relationships that keep readers entertained and turning the pages.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Kathleen McInerney with a multi-dimensional voice, at times melodic, reassuring, matter-of-fact, mysterious, or cautionary. The narration is skillful and professional. It nicely reflected the personalities of each character and conveyed the tone of each situation to the listener.

I received a review copy of “The Homewreckers” from Mary Kay Andrews, Kathleen McInerney, and Macmillan Audio. It is an enjoyable story with layer upon layer of uncertainty, excitement, conflict and romance.

“The Homewreckers” is now available in print, on Kindle, and as an audiobook from independent bookstores, online booksellers, retail stores, public libraries and anywhere books are sold.