“The Chase”

The hunters and the hunted, the friend and the foe, all are running for their lives.

“The Chase” starts with an event that citizens who live near the Pronghorn Correctional Facility constantly fear – a prison break, and this one is worse than they could ever imagine. Inmates in every cellblock rush toward the front gates; it is a mass evacuation, a sea of denim flooding out into the unsuspecting and unfathomably big world where even the air tastes different. The chase is on.

The hunters:

  • Warden Grace Slanter: warden. She struggles to maintain order, determined to bring the prisoners back, to save face, and to save her job. She needs to find out which inmates knew about the plan, who organized it, and the identity of the inside connection.
  •  US Marshal Service major case director, Trinity Parker Trinity: She knew she might be witnessing the greatest failure of privatized incarceration in history.
  • Death row supervisor, Captain Celine Osbourne: She knows who is truly dangerous, who is the biggest threat of all. She knows where to look, and she gets some help from an unexpected source.

The hunted, the convicts, the escapees:

  • Abdul Hamsi: He is an ISIS terrorist who walked into the Las Vegas Flamingo and deposited a bag of explosives right at the edge of the blackjack area. He will have a good lawyer and will claim responsibility for everything whether he did it or not.
  • John Kradle: He slaughtered his family, killed the people he loved most.
  • Homer Carrington: He is “The North Nevada Strangler,” a serial killer with confirmed kills in several states.
  • Burke David Schmitz: A white nationalist neo-Nazi terrorist, he is responsible for fifteen deaths and eighteen injuries.
  • Anthony Reiter:  He crushed a woman’s skull against a concrete step after a few too many cheap tequilas.

Some let no one stand in their way to “freedom,” and one lets nothing stand in his way on his mission to prove his innocence. The narrative follows them all, the things they do, starting with the escape and continuing as they fan out across Nevada and into the unsuspecting world. Readers get to know them well — the hunters and the hunted; the friend and the foe; the good, the bad, and those who cross between categories changing identities like a chameleon.  All are running for their lives.

I received a review copy of “The Chase” from Candice Fox, Forge Books and Macmillan Publishing.  “The Chase” is now available in print, e-book, and as an audiobook from independent bookstores, online booksellers, retail stores, public libraries and everywhere books are sold