“Finding Grace”

People, relationships, perspectives, secrets

“Finding Grace” is the story of three women Grace, Louise, and Melanie. The story opens with an event filled with apprehension and mystery. Grace is found on the George Washington Bridge, disoriented and troubled. Authorities call a number from her phonebook, her long estranged daughter, Louise. And then there is Melanie, a girl who needs help, a girl with a secret, a girl in danger.  The paths of these characters intersect, and each person is changed by that connection.

The narrative goes back and forth in time to give readers insight into the past experiences that shaped these characters. Readers are pulled into the events and become both observers and confidantes. Sections are appropriately labeled with name and time period, and each account is distinctive and unique. Characters talk to others, talk to themselves, and talk directly to readers sharing thoughts, apprehensions, hopes. They also have secrets, big important secrets that must eventually be resolved.

As the drama unfolds, readers gain insight into each character. The relationships are multifaceted and complex.  Some events are foreseeable and typical while others are unanticipated and surprising; all are compelling and illuminating.

“Finding Grace” is an account of refurbishing relationships, overcoming pain, rebuilding trust, and gaining a new perspective. I received a review copy of “Finding Grace” from Janis Thomas and Blackstone Publishing. “Finding Grace” is now available at independent bookstores, retail outlets, online booksellers, and public libraries in print, as an e-book, and as an audiobook.