“The Secrets We Share”

Secrets from the past complicate everything.

“The Secrets We Share” is the story of two sisters, so different and yet so much alike. Sisters do not have secrets from each other … do they? Natalie is a police officer; it is her job to know everyone and everything. Glenn has a book about to be released; she is a social influencer and has the very public face and a very private family. Mistakes are made, and everyday life becomes problematic.

This is also the story of murder, a murder in the present that complicates life, and a murder in the past that seeps into the present. The narrative goes back and forth in time to fill in details, but that past that no one wants to relive has significance in the present. The sisters have secrets, deep secrets, secrets that might get them killed. Then, there is another murder. Are they connected? Who connects them?  This is a small town, and everyone knows everything about everyone – they think. Sometimes people are not who they seem to be, and surprises are hiding in plain sight.

I received an audio review copy of “The Secrets We Share” from Edwin Hill, Hannah Cabell, RB Media, and Recorded Books. Caball’s narrative is multi-dimensional, at times pleasing, supportive, and matter of fact, while at other times cautionary, unsettling and shocking. There is urgency in the narration, a tone of anticipation and yet dread of what is to come. The story is gripping and filled with complex family entanglements both in the present and in the past.

Secrets, murders, mistakes,