“The Golden Couple”

Sometimes picture-perfect lives are just NOT!

“The Golden Couple” is about a lie, a simple lie at first, but things do not stop. Sometimes people do not get to write their own stories. Sometimes flowers or a note or just something ordinary turns out to be suspicious. Sometimes every single person is hiding something.

Avery Chambers tells her story in a first person narrative. She has her own unique and definitely unconventional style of counseling that she claims changes lives. She also has a hidden past. She entices readers by sharing that she is no longer a “THERAPIST,” having previously lost her license. She is obviously hiding something big from readers, something significant, and perhaps even more than one thing. Marissa and Matthew Bishop have come to Avery for counseling. They appear to be a perfect couple, but this seemingly faultless relationship is falling apart. They are hiding things as well. Secrets are creeping into their marriage and ripping it apart.  The story continues in Avery’s first person narrative alternating with other chapters from Melissa’s viewpoint; each chapter is conveniently labeled for readers.

Pekkanen populates this complex story with people who have flawlessly curated public moments, perfect little details of everyday life. However in their private lives, these picture-perfect people wallow in a cesspool of deception.  Are these people just telling convenient little mistruths; are they cunning actors, or are they outright malicious liars?  Simple lies spread like an invisible virus that sickens everyone it touches.

I received a review copy of “The Golden Couple” from Greer Hendricks; Sarah Pekkanen, and St. Martin’s Press. The story is dynamic, and characters are complicated. People morph and change right from the first page; ultimately the truth is revealed with surprising results.The Golden Couple” is now available from independent bookstores, retail outlets, online booksellers, and public libraries.