“The Last Midnight”

“The Last Midnight” is described as a “paranormal romance” but it is not a typical ghost story; it is the touching story of two lost souls, Emily Dunkel and rock star Dixon Day, who find each other for a brief moment in time. Emily is a teen who met an untimely death, and her soul hovers at the edge of the “afterlife.” Dixon is a successful musician; his most recent hit has been nominated tor a Grammy, and on the surface, he has everything one could want. Both are changed when their two existences overlap.

Tomoguchi structured the story in alternating narratives, with short quick glimpses into each individual’s existence. Readers learn the complexities of these characters page by page, in just a few words. The story flows quickly and smoothly to the dramatic, poetic, emotional, and appropriate end. This is a “no spoiler” review, so this is all I will say. It is a novella, so it is quick to read; it is compelling enough to finish in one sitting. It is satisfying and intriguing