“A Dark, Divided Self”

“A Dark, Divided Self” is the third book of “The Will Traynor Forensic Mysteries.”  Each chapter is conveniently time-stamped to provide continuity and framework for readers. Characters are briefly introduced within the context of current events, and pertinent information from previous books is seamlessly included in the narrative.

The story is conversation driven, and readers see the participants both as casual, good natured friends, and as dedicated, focused, resolute professionals. The players have other things going on in their lives, but they work together to solve this case. The action is told from alternating points of view, so early on, readers learn something that investigators only learn much later.

The investigation begins as a “cold case;” the remains of a body are found in a remote field. The investigation progresses with purpose and determination, and details are documented day by day, sometimes minute by minute. More victims are identified, and more unanswered questions arise. There are investigations by different people, with different perspectives, and very different ideas about the crime. DNA is found, but without a match; evidence goes missing; the tension escalates.

“A Dark, Divided Self” brings the diverse details of a complex case into sharp focus. The perpetrator is clever and cunning but no match for the dedicated investigating team; they uncover him as the “creeping horror” that he really is. I received a review copy of “A Dark, Divided Self” from A.J. Cross, Severn House, and Canongate Books Ltd. It is compelling and twisted with surprises on every page.