“The Warriors”

How far they will go to get what they want?

“The Warriors” is a legal thriller filled with deception, danger, and dead bodies. Raquel Rematti is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the country.  She has one job; always no matter the client, her job is to get an acquittal, not a mistrial, and certainly not a conviction. This time her client is Angelina Baldesteri, the widow of an assassinated President and a sitting United States Senator who expects to run for president herself. Rematti has developed a dislike for her client, and the client dislikes her just as much. The narrative contains extensive background on the characters, their goals, foibles, and pasts, both secret and public, so readers know that none are who they appear to be on the surface and most are skilled liars.  It is hard to tell who is a good guy and who is decidedly bad.

Batista delivers the tension and drama of the high-stakes trial with proceedings that are full of deceit, impropriety, and constant maneuvering for advantage.  An omnipotent narrator tantalizes readers with hints at things to come, for example “Those were the last words they ever spoke to each other.” There are accusations of fund-raising fraud, theft of campaign contributions, money laundering, and political impropriety. Even lies seem to have a modicum of truth.  People from a prior case add complications that lead to even more questions and difficulties.  

“The Warriors” is filled with complex characters; the action is non-stop, and the ending is unexpected.  It shows the power of delusion, the cost of betrayal, and the price of obsession.  I received a review copy of “The Warriors” from Paul Batista, Oceanview Publishing, and Independent Publishers Group.

This is high-stakes politics, and these are professional warriors; their victims might just be justice and truth.