“Treachery Times Two”

Secrets from the past complicate everything

“Treachery Times Two” is part of the “Koa Kane Hawaiian Mystery” series, but the books can be read in any order. Characters who wander in and out of the narrative are all introduced along with any needed background information. Readers are immediately immersed into the unique geography and culture of Hawai‘i.  The Islands are remote but ass connected as a family; everyone knows someone who knows everyone else. The volcanoes that gave birth to the islands are ever-present with smoke, quakes, and red hot lava fountains shooting hundreds of feet in the air. The narrative is also rife with political conflicts, economic exploitation, and corporate manipulation.

Hilo Chief Detective Koa Kāne was born in Hawai’i, and the islands are in his blood. He is a diligent cop, intelligent, rational, and skillful. The narrative is filled with light hearted banter and everyday activities, but when it comes to solving crimes, things are serious, professional, and intense. Kāne has a stain on his soul, a secret in his past that he wants to carry to his grave. Unfortunately, in the course of the investigation of a murder, that past reappears and must be dealt with. The official investigation is organized and professional, but the evidence is deceptive, misleading, and confusing. Clues are uncovered, but they seem a little too convenient. Information is constantly reviewed, reevaluated, and reorganized in an attempt to fit all the pieces together.

Koa Kāne is faced with an impossible decision. He can cover up the guilty to save his career, or he can bring the guilty to justice while his own life unravels, crashes, and burns.  I received a review copy of “Treachery Times Two” from Robert McCaw and Oceanview Publishing. The tension increases on every page as Kāne balances the past, the present, and the future.