“Murder at Greysbridge”

“Murder at Greysbridge”  is part of the “Inishowen Mystery” series, but as a new reader, I was immediately pulled into the story, and all I needed to know about the characters was part of the narrative. Readers quickly get to know the community through the first-person narrative of solicitor Benedicta (Ben) O’Keeffe. The previous year she assisted Ian and Abby Grey with their purchase of the  Greysbridge Estate, now a small hotel. Ben is attending a wedding there, and it is a typical wedding, well, until it is not. Readers meet the bride and groom, wedding guests, relatives, house employees, and a couple of paying guests. 

The story unfolds like an Agatha Christie “country manor tale” but with a modern twist. The Greysbridge estate is the star of the story, and the masterpiece-like atmosphere is detailed and complete. It is a classic setting complete with strange grounds and sculptures, but the grand staircase makes it a perfect venue for a wedding. There is something secretive about the mansion, of course, something dark and hidden from the world.  Some houses are like that; bad things happened there, so bad things continue to happen there. And of course, there is an old library, a family burial plot, a rumor of a ghost, and that strange yet inaccessible bridge.  

“Murder at Greysbridge” is filled with modern problems that evolve like classic complications. Readers wonder what else could possibly go wrong during this wedding, and then they find out.  I was given a review copy of “Murder at Greysbridge” from Andrea Carter and Oceanview Publishing. It combines the atmosphere of a classic mystery with the tension of a modern thriller; it “bridges” the gap.