“Engaño” is part of the “DeWitt Agency Adventure” series, but all of Carson’s adventures are separate and independent. Characters from past books appear within the context of this story, but any needed background information is included within the narrative so new readers will be able to easily follow the action, and there is plenty of action. Each chapter identifies the setting; this is helpful because exploits occur in “exotic” foreign settings. (I looked them up on Google Maps and found lots of great photos that gave me a better feel for the geography.) 

Carson displays a different side of herself in this story. She shows vulnerability and insecurity not seen in the previous books. Her current “protection” assignment involves a lot of “clubbing” and socializing, not her usual areas of strength. She has to entertain and mingle as well as adapt and adjust “on the fly” to keep everyone safe. Her true goals are deliberately ambiguous and fluid as part of the plot, but when the *$#! hits the fan, Carson proves that she really is a shieldmaiden going to war.

“Engaño” is about drugs, hacking, “do-gooders” justifying their felonies, and a spoiled rich girl who is avoiding everything. It starts slow and easy but gradually builds in intensity over the course of the story. The characters are varied and distinctive, with hidden motives. Some are likable; some are not, and of course, someone has to die, and that is always emotional. “Engaño” is quick to read, compelling, and action-packed with intrigue on every page.