“Fogged Off”

“Fogged Off” is part of the “Cyd Redondo Mystery” series, but all readers need to know is that Cyd Elizabeth Madonna Redondo is in the book; she is the plot, the plan, the problem, and the solution. She is a travel agent in Brooklyn specializing in travel for senior citizens who did not travel much herself until the last few years. The events unfold in her first-person narrative. Just who is Cyd Redondo, other than an ecoterrorist who drinks absinthe from Dixie cups?

Cyd Redondo Redondo Travel, as she always introduces herself, never wears orange and hates Bono.  She loves libraries and knows CPR, given her clientele and relatives. She never has two cocktails at lunch except during tax and hurricane seasons. She wears wrinkle-proof designer clothes equipped with actual pockets big enough to actually hold things. She never checks luggage, but instead, carries on everything. She brings along a designer Balenciaga handbag stocked with essentials, including but not limited to: granola bars, water, emergency dry ice packs, lipstick, passport, penlight, glow stick, blowtorch, nesting shot glasses, plastic zip ties, lock picks, color-coordinated bungee cords, black silk scarf, roll of quarters, disposable gloves, Tupperware, airline bottles of Jack Daniel’s, promotional swag, and vouchers to pay for everything.

Cyd is dedicated to her customers. She has no problem withholding information from the authorities to keep her clients and herself safe, and she can lie about anything from the amount of milk left in the fridge to how many times she has been shot. Other characters weave their way in and out of the story, but Cyd holds everything together.

Only Cyd Redondo Redondo Travel can be hilarious in the midst of trauma. “Fogged Off” has suspense, murders, international scandals, backstabbing, both figurative and literal. Most of all it has humor, frivolity, light-hearted conflict, and well, it has Cyd. I received a review copy of “Fogged Off” from Wendall Thomas and Beyond The Page Publishing. When you stop laughing, you may agree with Cyd who believes that when she is really in trouble in the modern world, senior citizens are the only ones she can count on to save her.

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