“The Corpse Flower”

A murder, a reporter, a missing suspect, a retaliation

“The Corpse Flower” revolves around a murder, either a cold case or a solved case in which the perpetrator escaped. For a reporter, solving this very complicated case would definitely be the next “big” story. The opening scene grabs readers as Anna dreams about killing him, running the blade across his throat.

The story unfolds in alternating points of view so readers know what the characters do not. Characters are approaching the same problem but from different directions. Heloise Kaldan needs to repair her reputation as a reporter after her prominent story went terribly wrong. Someone has something important to show Police Detective Sergeant Erik Schäfer that relates to a murder he investigated three years ago. A security camera shows Anna Kiel covered in blood. Relationships and people are not as they seem on the surface. Connections are hidden at first, but then become crystal clear. People never forget, and revenge runs deep.

“The Corpse Flower” is not about a simple case; chapters are both cryptic and revealing. Implications There are unanswered questions, complicated implications, and buried secrets, all waiting to be resolved. I received a review copy of “The Corpse Flower” from Anne Mette Hancock and Crooked Lane Books. The story, like the title flower, is pretending to be something it is not. It is surprising on every page.