“The Santa Suit”

Newly divorced Ivy Perkins moves from Atlanta to a small North Carolina without knowing anyone. She purchases the 106-year-old “fixer-upper” Four Roses Farm and sets up housekeeping with exotic chickens, an intelligent dog, and a determined attitude.  Upon moving in, she discards the remnants of her previous life along with miscellaneous items left by the former owners.

Friendly conversations drive the plot as Ivy gets to know everyone:  the real estate agent, the shop owners, and her neighbors. She learns about the community and finds that her new home had always been known as “The Christmas House.” While sorting through things abandoned by the prior owners, she uncovers assorted Christmas memorabilia, decorations, strings of lights, and a Santa Suit, not a cheap costume, but an expensive, elaborate ensemble complete with accessories. In one of the pockets, she also notices an old, faded letter, a note, a clue, and this little mystery changes everything.

Christmas in this town is magical, and Ivy wants to become part of the community. She resolves that the Christmas traditions of her house will not be hidden away. Christmas did not just arrive at Four Roses Farm; it had been there all along, waiting for Eve to discover it.

“The Santa Suit” progresses in a planned and organized manner but also has plenty of unusual developments and surprising connections. The story is complex with some moral challenges, but it is also positive, restorative, uplifting, and life-affirming. I received a review copy of “The Santa Suit” from Mary Kay Andrews, St. Martin’s Press, and Macmillan Publishers. It is quick to read and a wonderful holiday book; perhaps this year we will all have a “White Christmas. “