“The Necklace”

“The Necklace” is Susan Lentigo’s story from start to finish. The narrative alternates between Lentigo’s current dilemmas and the vicious events from twenty years ago. Lentigo’s daughter was brutally murdered, and that trauma continues to haunt her. She is on her way to witness the execution of the monster who murdered her child.   

Lentigo is a troubled character; it is a miracle that she has made it twenty years. She lives on the edge of disaster and appears to have no common sense. However, she does have friends who definitely care for her. She should elicit sympathy and compassion, but her entire existence is like a four-car wreck on the freeway with the accompanying police cars, ambulances, and firetrucks. You know what happened and how dreadful it all is; you don’t want to think about it, but you just have to look as you drive past.

The plot is designed to evoke tension and emotion leading to a very melodramatic climax. There are plenty of unusual encounters and many unbelievable coincidences along the way to that extremely dramatic ending, but to me, the events were almost anticipated, and the end was actually predictable. I was given a review copy of “The Necklace” by Matt Witten and Oceanview Publishing.

I am sure many people will love the cinematic drama and the calamities that define Susan Lentigo, but I just could not get past her unbelievable ineptitude and incredibly coarse vocabulary. I just feel there is more to be said than F*#*.

Read it and decide for yourself.