“When All Light Fails”

A complicated case involving DNA and paternity

 “When All Light Fails” is book five in the “Ryan DeMarco Mystery” series. I had not read previous books, and past events are mentioned in the current narrative. I was able to follow along with minimal difficulty, but I am sure regular readers will easily plunge into the story. Ryan DeMarco, retired from the police department, now does private investigations. This time a young girl becomes embroiled in a search for DNA proof of paternity.

“When All Light Fails” is a character-driven story; they have depth and purpose, and readers get to know them well. The plot evolves slowly and methodically, but this seemingly easy case becomes complicated, sensitive, and emotional. Secrets from the past emerge that have implications in the present, and there are powerful people who want the past buried forever. The narrative smoothly transitions from one chapter to the next, and the suspense heightens right to the end.

“When All Light Fails” is not exactly action-packed, but there is plenty of drama as well as some romance. I received a review copy of “When All Light Fails” from Randall Silvis and Poisoned Pen Press. This is the first book I have read in this series.  I enjoyed the characters, and I am sure I would have liked them better if I had read the previous books; now I have the four previous books added to my reading list.