“You Can Run”

“You Can Run” is about spies, counter spies, spies spying on each other until it is hard to know just who is working for whom. But more than that, why are they doing this?  The story begins in a first person present tense narrative by Jill who pulls readers into the events; she makes everything urgent, consuming, dangerous. Events go back and forth in time, the opening, four years later, and then one week earlier. In later chapters, the story continues with Jill’s accounts   alternating with those of another character, Alex.

Jill works for the CIA as a background investigator screening operatives, a searcher for facts and discrepancies. She talks to herself, second-guessing her own every move, watching everyone, terrified about a threat she has received. She quits her job, changes her name, and moves across several states, but she finds that she can run, but she cannot escape. Into her paranoid existence comes another, Alex, also a searcher for facts, but a journalist looking for that one big Pulitzer winning story.   

Tension and anxiety pour from every page as these two unlikely partners seek to uncover a story of treachery, espionage and deception.  There is not  just a small band of criminals behind this; it involves a foreign intelligence and the corruption might just reach to the highest levels of this country’s government. The pace is frantic and it is impossible to know whom to trust.

“You Can Run” is filled with suspense, action, and non-stop twists and turns. You will not catch your breath until the end.  I received a review copy of “You Can Run” from Karen Cleveland, Random House Publishing Group, and Ballantine Books.

As the clock ticks, everything becomes more frantic, and yes, it ends with a HUGE bombshell, but everyone lives happily ever after …….or do they?