“Closing Costs”

“Closing Costs” is about buying a home, well that and a lot more. Evan and Nelle, a couple of “rockabilly hipsters” find their “Dream Home.” The narrative travels back and forth in time, both before and after the closing, with chapters identifying the time frame and the point of view. It turns out that several people have secrets, and things do not go exactly as Evan and Nelle had planned with this house.

The story centers on Evan, Nelle, and the house, of course. Immediately, readers know things are not going to go well, and soon the anticipated tranquility of the new home is shattered by horror and incredulity. Who are these home invaders? Why this house? Why Evan and Nell? Why indeed? Secrets, lies, and mistakes have unintended consequences. There is plenty of drama and action; some events push characters and readers to the very the edge of credibility. Secondary characters wander in and out of the story to add color, interest, and danger. There are perhaps a few too many since some do not really contribute a lot.

“Closing Costs” is powerful and gripping. Evan and Nelle thought that they were prepared for everything, that they would know how to react in an emergency. They were wrong. I received a review copy of “Closing Costs” from Bracken MacLeod and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing. The action increases exponentially, and there are twists and turns on every page. In the end, well, it ends, and I won’t spoil it.