The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives”

“The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives” opens with questions but no answers, perceptions but no meaning; soon, everything will fall into place. The narrative is carefully planned, and events evolve slowly and deceptively. Just when a reader thinks things are moving in one way, they take a shocking turn. I will not reveal those details in this review. You will have to read the book for yourself.

The exclusive Presidio Terrace neighborhood is expensive. It offers top-level security and a fairy tale life style with happily ever after dreams.  However, it also has a vortex of negative energy and drama that clings to the air like fog. Its residents have everything, money, status, quirks, and secrets. Deep down, they are good people. Or are they? The neighborhood is filled with the remnants of nasty divorces and the subsequent marriages to stereotypical trophy wives. One resident, Georgia St. Claire, acquired the unfortunate nickname “Black Widow” after the deaths of two husbands in ten years. On the surface, these trophy wives are welcoming, cheerful and friendly, however when the gloves come off and the masks are gone, they can be nasty, petty, gossipy, and back-stabbing.  They are a hot mess.

The story unfolds in two alternating first person narratives by Brooke Davies, author and wife of a tech industry mogul, and by Erin King, reporter on the KFLAG evening news and wife of a plastic surgeon. Davies is working on her next mystery novel. She wants to maintain her image in the community, so she generally keeps her status as an author to herself.  She hopes that some of her neighbors might be an inspiration for a malicious “trophy wife” character in her next book. She also does not want anyone to bring up her own husband’s nasty divorce and hasty marriage to, well, her.

Erin King is frustrated with her life, her job, and her marriage. She is seeing a therapist and trying to make everything work, but she stomps off her TV job in a giant tantrum. While she waits to be begged to come back to work at the station, she commiserates with fellow residents and helps plan the upcoming third marriage of Georgia. Georgia is rolling in money and is spending a lot of it, with Erin’s help, on the upcoming “third time is a charm” festivities. When the day of the engagement party arrives, things do not go well; police are called, and events take more twists and turns than a roller coaster. (That’s all I will say.)

“The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives” is more than just a story of crazy rich people; it is full of intrigue, misdirection and shocking twists.  I received a review copy of “The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives” from Kristin Miller, Random House Publishing Group, and Ballantine Books. There are certain things people cannot escape, and everything really does come full circle