“The Last Mrs. Parrish”

“The Last Mrs. Parrish” is the same story told by two different people. The book is divided into three sections. Events in each of the first two sections are told by one of the two major players; the actions are the same but the perception and interpretation are very different. Events in the last section are conveyed in a combined narrative. (There is a surprising twist in this story, and there are no spoilers in this review.)

Amber Patterson wants everything that Daphne Parrish has. The book opens with Amber’s story as she plans to get everything she deserves. She is unpleasant right from the first paragraph. However, she is determined not to spend the rest of her life being invisible and will let nothing stand in her way. She is goal driven, and her goal is to be the next Mrs. Parish.

Next, readers hear from Daphne Parish in her first person narrative. She describes the same events that Amber previously related, but from her own very different viewpoint. Daphne is also determined, resourceful, and single minded. In the midst of all this drama is Jackson Parrish, husband and father; rich and powerful, and also goal driven. Conflict follows.

“The Last Mrs. Parish” is a story of determination and appropriate compensation. (Yes, as a reader I took sides.) Does the end justify the means? Well, that is a complicated question. The book is compelling with scandalous twists and incredible turns. Plan your reading time wisely; once you start reading, you will not be able to put it down; I read it in a day.

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