“Unthinkable” explores the concept of cause and effect. Can a butterfly flapping its wings in California start a whirlwind that becomes a tornado in Kansas? Is there a correlation between separate events? One can use statistics to associate events in the past, but how accurately do statistics predict the future? This book presents a series of life-shaping experiences. Is this a game? A scam? A prank of the worst kind? The ravings of a madman, or a frightening reality? Characters stand at a fork in the road, and readers watch the drama unfold not knowing which path the characters will take. (No spoilers in this review.)

Nate Lovejoy is a “retired” lawyer, now stay-at-home dad with two preschool-age daughters, Parker and Cate. His wife Jenny Welker is a “rock star” lawyer, a gifted problem solver; perhaps she is too successful. The drama unfolds in chapters that alternate between Nate and Jenny.  They are confronted with a problem, a big problem that will change their lives forever. Is this “thing” just the delusion of a resident of a mental hospital? Is it a deep fake and if so, how could they even tell? Is it akin to little green men dissecting cows? What is next, wearing tinfoil hats? Should they just leave? Run away? Live completely off the grid?

Parks creates a scenario where the unthinkable becomes possible, the abnormal becomes ordinary, and every choice has unintended and tragic consequences.  The tension builds exponentially on every page, and readers expect a landslide to come barreling down the hill at any moment, burying everyone and everything. It is impossible to stop turning the pages.

“Unthinkable” is compelling and terrifying with a surprise on every page. Just when I thought things could not get any stranger – they did. I received a review copy of “Unthinkable” from Brad Parks and Thomas & Mercer. In a “nice shout out” to the Carter Ross books, where things started, Jenny works for the law firm of Carter, Morgan & Ross.