“The Bone Code”

This is one of the scariest book I have ever read. Why? Read the review to find out.

“The Bone Code” is the twentieth novel in the series that inspired the popular TV series “Bones.” New readers will be quickly immersed in the story, and any information needed from previous books is part of the current narrative. Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist, a specialist in DNA, human genomics and the wonder and power of the double-helix molecule. We have all met her; she is the person sitting next to us on a plane with a discontented cat under her seat.

The story is told in Brennan’s first person narrative so readers learn what she learns when she learns it. Her narration has three distinct styles; she talks to herself with quick, abrupt, no nonsense observations. Her professional demeanor is meticulous, focused, and detailed with pleasant comradery and a touch of humor. She also has a casual side, easy going with friendly banter about everything from cold weather to children and life in general.  Of course, there is also Andrew Ryan with whom she shares joys, sorrows, challenges, and a home.

Chapters are identified by date to assist readers because nothing is as fast as it is on TV. The real drama begins when Brennan gets a call that dredges up a long ago unsolved case, two unidentified bodies in Montreal.  Now there are two more victims, now four unidentified bodies, and many unanswered questions. The cases are far apart in geography and time, but so similar in other ways that they have to be connected. Her old case that was as cold as the arctic is suddenly red hot, thanks to a journalist who just shows up at a location because there were not any other big stories that day. The investigation is detailed, organized and professional, but the case is like a fragmented mirror in a fun-house; one scene cartwheels crazily into the next. In the end, the old adage works – just follow the money. Suddenly the pieces start to fall into place; everything “fits like an Armani suit.”

“The Bone Code” takes readers down an unexpected road “big pharma” and flu vaccines. I received a review copy of “The Bone Code” from Kathy Reichs and Scribner. It is one of the most frightening I have ever read because the COVID19 vaccine is an mRNA vaccine. The book will tell you what that is.