“Red Deception”

“Red Deception” is a fast-paced thriller that takes a different look at terrorism. The story is told from the perspective of global hotel industry employees in a challenging and dangerous world who, by necessity, must become experts on international terrorism. They must protect their guests and staff, safeguard tourism, and save the world all at the same time.  The book opens as rogue teams strike all across the country, one tragedy, explosion, assault, after another. The drama hopscotches around the world at a frantic pace with multiple attacks straight out of a handbook. Dan Reilly, president of Kensington Royal Hotels’ International Division goes into “crises mode.” He is very familiar with the three “Ts” terrorists, targets, and timing; he has experienced this before, and he knows the risks and the results.

The emergency escalates as actions and reactions pour in from all around the globe. The narrative unfolds in alternating views, going back and forth in time so readers know what the characters do not. Tension increases on every page as traffic snarls, thousands line up at airline ticket counters, and Facebook Live videos stream around the world. The attacks are well-funded and well-rehearsed. It is a big game board, and even leaders of the United States are under assault.

Grossman and Fuller take readers to another city and another hotel, all over the globe, where events play out. The pages are filled with drama and overpowering urgency; it is an unending and unsettling ride.   I received a review copy of “Red Deception” from Gary H. Grossman, Edwin D. Fuller, Meryl Moss Media, and Beaufort Books. The book is different from a “typical” thriller with an approach that is pertinent to the general travelling public. All of us should certainly check the security measures when we travel; I know I will.

Alert for readers, the dog is killed but provides valuable clues.