“Chasing The Lion”

“Chasing The Lion” is a non-stop thrill ride, so allocate your reading time appropriately… Colonel Garrett Sinclair talks to himself, talks to readers, and second guesses his actions. (If I had known ahead of time any of what was about to transpire…) His tone is official, professional, and direct. He goes back and forth in time, filling in details on everything and telling background that the “public” does not know. (The events that have unfolded since are well known today; the ghastly story behind them, not so much.)

“Chasing The Lion” has the quintessential thriller premise — can the plan be stopped before time runs out. I will not give away the critical elements, but I will give a few hints. The operation is the most sensitive, most important in a lifetime. Traces of a new mind control drug Demon Rain were found in a cave high in the Iranian mountains. Kim Campbell, a former schoolteacher, is set to be the first female president of the United States. “A product” is already in America.  

“Chasing The Lion” has layer upon layer of intrigue. The characters are complex and multi-faceted. At times it pushes the limits of credibility and reads like an onscreen action thriller, but that can be a good thing. My main complaint is that there are constant references to COVID; we do this because of COVID, we have that left over from COVID; it was just overkill. I received a review copy of “Chasing The Lion” from A.J. TATA, and St. Martin’s Press. It was a real “nail-bitter.”