“Turn a Blind Eye”

DI Warwick has a new assignment

“Turn a Blind Eye” is the third book in the “Detective William Warwick” series. Familiar characters continue from the previous books, and a few new ones are added. There are frequent mentions of events from the prior books, however there is enough background information included in the narrative to enable new readers to follow along. Of course, the most substantial reading experience will be for regular readers of the series.

The story begins shortly after the previous book ended; now the perpetrator is going to trial. This involves not only DI William Warwick as a witness but also his family since his father and sister are presenting the Crown’s case. Meanwhile, Warrick’s new assignment is as head of the anti-corruption team. This job plunges him into a top-secret undercover investigation of corruption and misdeeds in Metropolitan Police Force itself. He faces complex moral challenges as the team scrutinizes the life of a detective who seems to be living beyond his means. The investigation is complicated, and many people seem to be willing to overlook the obvious.  

“Turn a Blind Eye” has many seemingly disconnected pieces that come together in unexpected ways. Things that might appear casual or unimportant at the time become significant later. I received a review copy of “Turn a Blind Eye” from Jeffrey Archer and St. Martin’s Press. It is somewhat predictable, however it is quick to read, and there are enough twists and turns throughout to keep readers turning the pages.