“Beyond The Headlines”

“Beyond The Headlines” is part of the “Clare Carlson Mystery” series, but new readers will be able to understand the characters and the story immediately. Any needed background details are included as part of the narrative. Clare Carlson, forty-seven, is the news director at New York City’s Channel 10.  She is a seasoned reporter with an attitude. She has professional prestige, self-confidence, and a sixth sense about news. “Carlson’s my name, exclusives are my game.” The story unfolds in her first person narrative; these are her hunches, her investigations, and her story. Carlson has a “Channel 10 Exclusive Report,” in the works — the tragic story of Laurie Bateman, top model, successful actress wife of one of the country’s top corporate deal makers, a fairy tale life gone wrong.  Bateman promises to “reveal all” about her impending divorce, but something else trumps that story – a murder.  A detailed investigation is needed; Carlson cannot make a mistake in this high-stakes story. However, Laurie Bateman is an accomplished actress. Is she telling the truth or playing a part?

Belsky gives readers an inside look at a big city newsroom and the journalists who work in it — what they are like when they are chasing a sensational story and rushing to get it on the air.  The narrative transitions smoothly and easily from scene to scene and includes both the everyday activities inside the newsroom and the detailed pursuit of a story. 

“Beyond The Headlines” is quick to read, and the narrative is suspenseful, dramatic, and humorous because, well, Clare Carlson is just funny.  I received a review copy of “Beyond The Headlines”   from R.G. Belsky, and Ocanview Publishing.