“Punning with Scissors”

“Punning with Scissors” is a funny murder mystery – on purpose.

Quinn Carr pays intense attention to organization and detail. This is how she maintains her sanity and composure. She works at the Chestnut Station Diner in a small city on the Colorado plains where everyone knows everything, and no one knows anything. The book is written as Quinn sees the world;her conversations drive the plot. She is a perfectionist to the extreme and has her own strategies for handling stress and the irregularities of life. Her deep dark secret, and the key to her continuing sanity, is that she secretly constructs the daily crossword puzzles for the Chestnut Station Chronicle; she makes five dollars for every puzzle she publishes. Best of all, the clues in her puzzles are not typical clues; they are riddles, puns jokes, and hilarious, knee-slapping plays-on-words. Even Chief of Police solves her crossword puzzles every day — in ink.

The action unfolds in humorous home-town exchanges, fun banter, and the casual conversations of the people Quinn knows including the jovial regulars at the diner known as the “Retired.”  Everyone and everything exist happily day by day until the day Creighton McLellan is discovered quite dead with a pair of good scissors sticking out of his chest. Of course, Quinn is compelled to investigate the event as well as the past and present of all involved.  The recipe to Kentucky Fried Chicken is not the only secret in town. She plants clues in her puzzles to help the chief solve the shocking murder.  

“Punning with Scissors” is quick to read with a nice balance of light-hearted action and mystery as the complicated murder unfolds, and even the bananas might have clues. As a bonus, the crossword puzzles are included in the book, of course with the answers at the end for those who like to sneak a peek before they fill-in the answers — in ink. I received a review copy of “Punning with Scissors” from Becky Clark, Lyrical Press Books, and Kensington Publishing Corp