“The Newcomer”

“The Newcomer” is enigmatic from the first page. Letty Carnahan trusts no one, not after what happened. She is fleeing the city accompanied by four year old Maya and Ellie, Maya’s stuffed elephant. Maya sleeps so calmly, so untroubled, yet when awake, she screams “I want my MOMMY!”

Letty “Spaghetti” and Tanya “Lasagna” were sisters; they shared; they connected. Now Tanya is dead, murdered, and Letty is running, technically a fugitive from justice. The sign at The Murmuring Surf Motel says “No Vacancy,” but this is her destination. There are things to be done if she can survive long enough to do them. She should make plans; perhaps she will tomorrow.    

This book is about the characters; they drive the plot, they plan the future, and they hide their secrets. Letty wants to resolve past transgressions, but that resolution is out of her hands. This is all about the money, and others will determine not only Letty’s fate, but also that of Maya. That past could provide a successful resolution to Letty’s present difficulties, but it also could turn on her with a vengeance.

“The Newcomer” centers on family dynamics, revenge, and murder.  Relationships make this a complex and compelling novel. I received a review copy of The Newcomer from Mary Kay Andrews and St. Martin’s Press. It is an emotional journey that grows in intensity on each page. When Aloha bingo is finished, the outcome is appropriate for all involved.