“One Got Away”

“One Got Away” is the second in the “Nikki Griffin” series; new readers will immediately be captured by the characters and the action, wondering how they missed the first book. The story is set in central California and reflects the unique geography and culture of the area, but the story is all Nikki from start to finish — the places she goes, the people she finds, and how she feels about everything.

Nikki owns a bookstore along with Bartleby, the bookstore’s normally social resident feline.  She rides a motorcycle, so she has no trouble finding parking spots where ever she goes. Her “significant other” Ethan is an adjunct professor on a tenure track at Cal. He wants their relationship to grow and progress; Nikki just wants to make it to tomorrow. She tells herself that she really is not ready for a long-term relationship. In truth, she might be fine without Ethan, but she would not be the same; she needs him more than she knows.

Nikki’s current assignment, a simple request for information, nothing illegal had happened,   somehow turns into a very complex, and of course, dangerous situation. She ventures beyond the scope of the original request but is compelled to finish what she started. Readers enthusiastically go along for the wild ride with her.

“One Got Away” is a compelling adventure where everyone has little secrets and everyone is a bit deceitful. The plot is deliberate, focused, and filled with the unexpected right up to the frantic end. I received a review copy of “One Got Away” from S. A. Lelchuk and Flatiron Books. My advice is to plan your reading time carefully, once you start on this journey with Nikki, you will not stop until you reach the last page.