“Endings” by Linda L. Richards is unique because of its structure in the first person-present tense. Descriptions set the tone of the narrative and pull readers into the midst of the action. What does it take for a nice person, like the narrator, to kill a person, multiple people even? Readers soon find out. Step by step events unfold; no warning is given.  “Not much, anyway. Just before I plug three silenced shots into his chest.”

She once was someone’s wife and someone’s mother, but now things are different. She is different. Now she is someone “nice” people contact when they need someone killed.  As soon as she first killed for money, everything fell into place like dominoes tumbling into each other in an orderly fashion. Then things change dramatically; there is a job that is not a job. Jobs come and go; jobs are completed, over, finished. This is an obsession, and once she commits to something, she follows it through to the end.

There are no spoilers in this review, which is a difficult task. The narrative is compelling, addictive, gut wrenching and teeth grinding.  Her life once was orderly, organized and focused; then suddenly it is not. I will just say that she keeps the puppy. Plan your time wisely when you start reading, because once you start you will not be able to put this book down.  I received a review copy of “Endings” from Linda L. Richards, and Oceanview Publishing. I read it in one day.