“Every Vow You Break”

A good bad guy makes a great story.

Is she good, bad, or just guilty?

Abigail Baskin was on her way to the office, thinking about her upcoming marriage to a wonderful man who, as a bonus, is extremely wealthy; then, there he was, that man, looking for her. Readers immediately feel her concern, her dilemma, and her danger. Is her life becoming a thriller movie, or is she just overcome with guilt as the result of her wild bachelorette party? Only time will tell.

Swanson unfolds Abigail’s story slowly, deliberately, as she talks to herself and talks to readers. She is embarking upon a wonderful future, perfect in every way, and yet she is gripped with trepidation. The honeymoon is luxurious beyond her dreams. No one else notices anything amiss, and yet to her lots of things do not add up. Her trauma explodes from every page, or is it just her own guiltiness? The action is non-stop, and the ending unexpected.

“Every Vow You Break” is Abigail’s story; readers understand her strengths and weaknesses, sympathize with her doubts and hesitation, and share her fears and anxiety. Her journey starts slowly, gains momentum and ends rapidly. I received a review copy of “Every Vow You Break” from Peter Swanson, William Morrow, and HarperCollins. It is harrowing and unexpected.