“Watch Her”

“Watch Her” is part of the “Hester Thursby” series, but new readers can easily follow along. Harvard librarian Hester Thursby has a little side “business” of finding missing people. She, non-husband Morgan, and young niece live together with three dogs and a six-foot-long green iguana. This book is about ordinary people with chores, kids, friends, jigsaw puzzles, and Legos on the floor. They live normal lives until extraordinary events happen; people make connections with other people who turn out to be awful.

The drama centers on Prescott University and the powerful Boston family that owns it. Family always comes first, but this family has secrets. When someone breaks into the family home and leaves behind nineteenth-century novel about a love triangle and a dead baby, of course people turn to the librarian for answers. A lot of characters weave in and out of the narrative, some connected and potentially dangerous, some just bystanders. The trick is figuring out which category fits which person. The story is told from alternating points of view so readers know what other characters do not. Things get complicated when Hester looks for students at Prescott University but finds an admissions scandal.

“Watch Her” is about complex and complicated personal relationships. It is also about the cost of keeping secrets. The title itself hints at the interesting interpersonal dynamics. I received a review copy of “Watch Her” from Edwin Hill and Kensington Books.  It is easy to read with unusual characters who live complicated lives.