“Dying to Date”

Kristina Truly has a lot of shoes and a lot of problems. Her business card says “Relationship Expert.” People actually pay to hear her advice on relationships and dating, but her personal life is a hot mess, and her own relationships are just one disaster after another. She has, however, learned not to take life seriously, as evidenced by the nick names she gives to everyone, especially the men in her life. She does a lot of planning for a “good” life connection, but mostly makes bad choices and ends up with regrets. When people who have attended her seminars start dying, she does what everyone does to escape drama, trauma, and murderers – she goes to Las Vegas.

McGraw carefully crafted Kristina as strong woman, capable of taking care of herself despite her occasional lapses of sanity where men are concerned, but when there is a cold-blooded killer on the loose, she is not sure she will survive. (Spoiler – she does survive and rumor has it there are more books in the works!). The pages are filled with hilarity, medication, booze, and murder, but mostly hilarity. Oh yes, and Snickers bars, and OMG she chases someone to Anaheim Hills!

This is not a “serious” book. It is filled with fun, games, hook-ups, drama, and trauma. There are laughs on every page.