“Murder on the Metro”

“Murder on the Metro” is part of the “Capital Crimes Series” originally written by Margaret Truman. Jon Land has successfully continued the politically-based thriller series with this latest installment. The plot is compelling, grounded in truth, centered in headline grabbing international politics, but extending just beyond the edge of reality, at least for now.  

Land gives readers an inside look at Washington D. C., the people who live there, work there, and die there. The first-ever female vice president (Watch out Kamala) dies of a heart attack, but perhaps is it murder disguised as something else. Mackensie Smith’s law firm is downsizing. Robert Brixton, a private investigator in the greater DC area, prevents an unspeakable tragedy by a thwarting suicide bomber on the Metro. Detective Rogers is an enigma. Who is he? Who should he be? On the other side of the world, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, retired Mossad agent Lia Ganz avoids the tragedy of a drone attack on the beach. Elaborate sensory descriptions set the stage for the disaster and danger that is to come. The usual technology, including hidden cameras and drones bring all these characters together along with unlikely weapons such as a roller coaster and an actual ceiling.

“Murder on the Metro” is a non-stop thrill ride that places readers inside the treachery and action. Events that are not supposed to happen just do. I received a review copy of “Murder on the Metro” from Jon Land and Forge Books. Land has continued the magnificent tradition of “Capital Crimes,” and with so much “material” available to draw on in D.C., I am sure there will be many more compelling installments to come.