“Hadley and Grace”

“Hadley and Grace” is the story of two moms who are renegades, rebels, or perhaps just moms with three kids. What happened that night was a coincidence, and yet these women have a hidden, exceptional connection. Their fates intertwined to place the two of them at that place and that time, and things will never be the same. The story unfolds in chapters that alternate between characters, and are labeled to easily identify the point of view. Hadley Torelli is beautiful and wealthy. Grace Herrick works for Hadley’s husband, and she needs money since her husband, now deployed in Afghanistan, has depleted their meager bank account.  FBI Special Agent Mark Wilkes is investigating racketeering, expecting to get a promotion and buy his son a dog.

Hadley and Grace have the absurd idea that two women with three kids can abscond with a fortune, and evade husbands, gangsters, and the FBI. They drag backpacks, diapers, and car seats. They must constantly stop for formula, diapers, water, food, drinks, and a never ending supply of snacks not to mention changes of clothes. They squabble like siblings with nothing in common and yet are fiercely loyal to each other. The baby cries; the kids cry, they want to cry. It is ridiculous, and yet it works. The media calls them “Thelma and Louise,” but really they are “Lucy and Ethel” on the lamb. The ending? Well, I am not giving that away.

 “Hadley and Grace” is more about the people than what they are doing. They are strong women; they are mothers; they are dangerous, and they know the power they wield over men. I received a review copy of “Hadley and Grace” from Suzanne Redfearn and Lake Union Publishing. Readers will both laugh and cringe on every page; I know I did.