“The Girl in the Mirror”

“The Girl in the Mirror” by Rose Carlyle gives a new definition to “the evil twin.” It is the story of identical twins, two girls, separate and yet connected, the same but very much different. The story unfolds in the first person narrative as Iris goes to help twin Summer return the beloved yacht of their childhood to the Seychelles. The narrative unfolds slowly and much of the book takes place during the sea journey. There many nautical references and jargon that a non-seagoing reader must slog through, but there is also a terrifying underlying story of deceit, trauma, and personal tragedy.

It is difficult to write a comprehensive review without revealing the crux of the plot, so let me just say that it is twisted, nasty, unexpected, and basically just diabolical. Characters who seem focused and caring are focused and caring all right but not in an appropriate way. None are who they seem to be and no one is without blame. I received a review copy of “The Girl in the Mirror” from Rose Carlyle, William Morrow, and HarperCollins. This book is gripping with immeasurable complications. You think you know people, but they can surprise you.