“The Man in the Microwave Oven”

“The Man in the Microwave Oven” is eccentric, funny, and original. This book two in the “Theo Bogart Mystery” series, but Cox carefully folds previous characters and relationships into the current storyline so first-time readers can easily follow along. Theophania Bogart has escaped drama and trauma in England, has relocated to San Francisco, and readers are glad of it. The atmosphere and personality of the city comes through on every page. Theo gets coffee from a place where the letter “o” is fashioned into a coffee bean and a one-car garage in the Mission District sells for $300,000. If the day were sunny, she could see a panoramic view of the wide sands of Ocean Beach, but mostly she sees the completely opaque curtain of fog.

 The drama unfolds in Theo’s first person narrative. Readers hear what she says, what others say, and what she thinks about it all. She is a fierce, following in the grand tradition of fierce women in underwear: Wonder Woman, Brandi Chastain. When her friend Nat finds something “shocking” in a microwave oven, Theo is the person to dive in and look for answers, although having the microwave seized by police can be seen as positive by people who want to avoid GMOs, high tension power lines, and cell phone radiation. Another body is found, and things get more serious after that – not!

 “The Man in the Microwave Oven” has mystery, but not at the expense of fun and entertainment. Clues are hidden in the trash among the McDonald’s wrappers and coffee cups.  The characters are compelling with a sense of humor. I received a copy of “The man in the microwave Oven” from Susan Cox and Minotaur Books. It has enough crime, suspense, and mystery to be compelling but an abundance of hilarity and amusement to balance it out.