“Murder in Mykonos”

The “Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mysteries” by Jeffrey Siger series started in 2009. With book eleven in the series, “A Deadly Twist,” arriving soon, this is a good time to look back at where it all started with book one, “Murder in Mykonos.” Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis arrives on the scene with a colorful past and a gutsy personality; readers are immediately immersed into the drama of his world.

 Siger skillfully develops the sense of place that will continue throughout the next books. Mykonos is an extremely popular tourist attraction, and readers get an authentic look at its unique culture, ancient heritage, and exceptional geography. Of course, it is a romantic party destination for vacationers, so any hint of crime beyond the mundane pick pockets and drunken brawls will have a devastating impact on the economy. However, island life has a dark side, and when bodies and bones start turning up, the only conclusion is that this island paradise is harboring a ritualistic, deranged, serial killer.

The plot moves at an even and steady pace but comes to a wild and frantic end. It is a little graphic and “non-standard” in parts, but is not over-the-top offensive. The action unfolds in multiple “points of view” including that of the police, the townspeople, and the next victim. This is not about finding out “who did it” but about the chase to protect and rescue the next victim. If the reader wants to identify the killer, it is possible. While there are very few clues, they are hiding in plain sight right from the beginning. It is really about the chase.

“Murder in Mykonos”  is as compelling today as it was twelve years ago. Over the years, the continuing characters have grown and matured, as people do, but that first story is complete, factual, and well developed.  Since we cannot travel right now, (yet) reading Siger’s books is the next best thing. I am eagerly anticipating “A Deadly Twist” the next in the series.