“Prodigal Son”

“Prodigal Son” by Greg Hurwitz is part of the “Orphan X” series, but it does not start where the previous book ended. Instead, it goes back in time adding new background information for all readers. Evan Smoak confronts the past he did not even know he had and struggles with a vision of the road not taken. He must reevaluate his life, integrate the past into a now unfamiliar present, and anticipate a complicated new future.

Regular readers find all the familiar characters: Mia, Peter, Joey, and Dog the dog, as well as some new ones to complicate Evan’s existence: Veronica, Andre, Candy, and “Jacob.” In addition to mystery, there is action beyond comprehension, abundant explosions, seven-figure hit men and women, ghost artillery, and innovative technology that readers hope is only fiction.

 “Prodigal Son” succeeds because of the superb writing skill of Greg Hurwitz. The book is much more than just weapons, danger, death, and insects. Every word paints a picture; every depiction sets the stage, and every description expands the action. There are no extra words just to fill up the pages. Sensory details pull readers into the action from the boots crunching on broken bits of shattered stained-glass windows and the scent of poinsettias riding the thin breeze, to the sun like a klieg light in the east.

“Prodigal Son” is compelling, exciting, and shocking from the first page to the last. It is hard to write a review without giving away important information because everything is important, but the ending is unexpected, actually everything is unexpected. You s should plan your reading time wisely because once you start reading, there is no stopping until the end. The last page leaves you yearning for the next book.