“Bone Canyon”

“Bone Canyon” by Lee Goldberg is the second book featuring Eve Ronin, investigator for the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Ronin is young, energetic, and single-minded. She is relatively new on the job yet believable and tenacious.  She has much to learn and much to prove.  

The Southern California setting plays an important role when a wildfire uncovers the remains of a long vanished woman, and Ronin and her partner Duncan Pavone investigate this harsh “cold case.”  Ronin struggles to balance the quest for justice against the pressures of politics. The plot is fast-paced with some grit, but Goldberg manages to intersperse the tension with little bits of humor. The story is also enhanced by a narrative that engages all the senses, – the sights, the smells, and the sounds.

“Bone Canyon” is quick to read with compelling action and complex characters. The plot is deliberate, planned, and organized, yet has plenty of suspense and unusual twists. I received a review copy of “Bone Canyon” from Lee Goldberg, and Thomas & Mayer Publishing. I enjoyed the first book in the series and liked this one even better. Now, I am just waiting for the next book. I think this will be a long-running series.