“Frumpy Middle-Aged Mom, Dispatches from the Front Lines of Motherhood”

“Frumpy Middle-Aged Mom, Dispatches from the Front Lines of Motherhood” is a collection of reflections on life written by Marla Jo Fisher for The Orange County Register as the former single woman adopted two typically energetic kids and became a “frumpy middle-aged mom.” As a long time reader, I remembered most of her columns well, but I chuckled again as I reread her adventures. I laughed along as the “kids” grew, and she struggled with the changes. I understood the complexity and moral challenges of raising children, and I certainly sympathized with her trauma in Chuck E Cheese and with kid-life in general. I giggled at her reflections of being a team mom and living with Buddy The Wonder Dog. I was not brave enough to take my children to the exotic places she braved with her kids, but I understood her plight and laughed with her.

I highly endorse Frumpy Middle-Aged Mom, Dispatches from the Front Lines of Motherhood.” We all need to laugh with ourselves and at ourselves. In the end, Motherhood is like mountain climbing; you don’t think you will be able to do it, but once you start you cannot stop. It is comforting to know that her kids as well as mine all made it to adulthood despite everything. I still have rolls and rolls of duct tape. MOMS RULE!

Sometimes we all just need to laugh. Marla Jo delivers. MOMS RULE!