“Snowdrift” immediately pulls readers into the story as a shadowy figure zips his leather jacket and adjusts his night-vision glasses. Then, through the cold and the muck, the menacing shadow approaches; the girl screams, “I’m coming, Lollo!”  And, Embla wakes from her recurring nightmare. From there, things just get more complicated.

Embla Nyström is part of the Västra Götaland County Bureau of Investigation’s Mobile Unit, known as VGM, and the story unfolds mostly from her point of view. A relative owns a country resort, and a guest has been shot. Embla takes a “vacation trip” to help with the investigation. Of course that is not the only murder, and seemingly separate crimes suddenly become very complex and intricately intertwined.

The plot advances through conversations between characters, allowing readers to discover what some know but others do not. The Investigation proceeds in a careful manner, but things do not always go as smoothly as people think they should. Interesting relationships between characters are exposed, and there is no accounting for what some people will do. There are family entanglements, conflicting reports, and shocking revelations from the past.

“Snowdrift” has plenty of action and the narrative is full of fresh questions that keep readers turning the pages.  This is book three the “Embla Nyström Investigations” series, but new readers can easily follow along; each character is briefly introduced, and previous relationships are seamlessly folded into the present storyline. I received a review copy of “Snowdrift” from Helene Tursten Random House Publishing, and Soho Crime. The book proceeds in a careful, systematic way with a slow accumulation of facts, and then unexpectedly takes readers somewhere else.